• Gene Therapy: Commercial Challenges And Strategic Choices
    Gene Therapy: Commercial Challenges And Strategic Choices

    Innovation in gene therapy brings the potential for transforming patient care and obviating the need for chronic therapy through single-dose cures. Despite the potential long-term benefits of this new therapeutic modality, gene therapy companies face a number of underappreciated challenges.

  • 4 Key Ingredients Of A Robust Risk Management Framework
    4 Key Ingredients Of A Robust Risk Management Framework

    It is certainly no surprise that risk management continues to hold the spotlight as a hot topic within the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry. With the increased focus by regulatory authorities on an organization’s ability to identify, mitigate, and control risks, the industry remains in a state of growth, developing and evolving practices to ensure proper alignment with industry best practices and regulators’ expectations. Many organizations are finding it difficult to establish and embed risk management practices, as doing so requires a paradigm shift from a traditional risk-averse industry culture.

  • Patent Strategy And The Internet Of Medical Things
    Patent Strategy And The Internet Of Medical Things

    Not only must new IoMT patents make it through the typical granting process, the market’s size suggests that post-grant challenges may become increasingly common.

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Guidelines To Bring Your Biologic To Market: Are You Prepared? Guidelines To Bring Your Biologic To Market: Are You Prepared?

Are you up to the task of bringing a biologic to market? Do you have a strategy and plan in place? Explore some of the questions to consider in order to map out a successful pathway and avoid pitfalls.

ICH Q12 Updates: Increasing Efficiency Of Post-Approval Changes ICH Q12 Updates: Increasing Efficiency Of Post-Approval Changes

Through proper implementation of ICH Q12 tools and enablers, the industry could manage CMC changes effectively under a company’s pharma quality system with less need for oversight prior to implementation.

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Clinical Supply Vendor About Temperature Sensitive Drugs

When conducting trials of biologics, the number of considerations to evaluate within the clinical trial supply chain can be daunting. Keeping investigational products at the right temperature and environmental conditions takes careful coordination of resources and, when required, tight integration with an experienced vendor.

How To Survive An FDA Audit

Understanding the FDA audit process, preparing for it and being aware of regulations will help to restore a sense of control and help to ensure the best outcome.

Four Reasons For The Rise In Blister Packaging

Blister packaging, not long ago considered a less significant segment of the North American pharmaceutical packaging industry, is now outpacing most other industry segments. In 2010, blister represented 17% of the global market and recorded $8.1B in revenue, according to Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry – 2011 Yearbook. GBI Research. By Paul Dupont, Director of Business Development North America, Ropack, Inc.

The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study: 5 Years Of Progress In Veterinary Health And Biobanking

This whitepaper is an overview of a prospective cohort study of approximately 3,000 Golden Retrievers under the age of 2 years at enrollment and how the extensive data and biological sample repositories will be used for future analyses of major diseases, disorders or conditions in Golden Retrievers.

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Master Cell Bank Production Of Liver Carcinoma Cells

This application note reports on the initial experience of Thermo Scientific Nunc High Density Cell Factory systems, which enable large-scale production of adherent cells.

Preparing Sales, Marketing And Technology Teams To Win Today’s Customer

As today’s information-craving customers force the life sciences industry to change their sales and marketing model, innovative customer engagement models are sought as a revenue-generation lever. Message reach and frequency no longer equate to sales. Now it’s about building and sustaining customer loyalty by delivering value. Top-line and market share growth are perpetuated by the quality of customer engagements. 

Moving from brand message to customer needs requires sales, marketing and technology teams to revise their strategies. To implement this new communication approach, life sciences companies will face some key challenges. Understanding these core challenges is the first step toward customer communication transformation, a journey that leads to growth, cost reductions and enhanced technology value. 

Communicating R&D Innovations Early And Carefully

You would expect a room full of communications, marketing and public relations professionals to be exuberant in their discussion of how to deliver the company message across platforms and generally boast about their brands. While some of that did take place at the 3rd Annual Life Science Brand Reputation and Communications Conference in Atlanta (February 20-21), a lot of the discussion focused on FDA regulations and SEC concerns, and the checks and balances applied to patient, media and investor communications by internal legal and investor relations departments.

Article: Fermentation Technology: Cooking Up New Therapeutics
With a new state-of-the-art, cGMP fermentation facility in Jerusalem, SAFC is looking at new applications for what is viewed by many as a traditional technology. These applications include the synthesis of High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs) and therapeutic drugs. BY SAFC
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