• 6 PEG Alternatives You Should Be Thinking About

    PEGylation is a common way to minimize off-target effects and general toxicity, but it also poses life-threatening risks because it prolongs the drug's time in the bloodstream. Scientists are exploring these alternatives to combat the risk.

  • A Brief Guide For Vaccine Companies Working Toward FDA Approval For the First Time

    This article outlines best practices for expediting the FDA approval process while maintaining safety and efficacy standards. Tips are related to vaccine R&D, understanding the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), post-approval surveillance and monitoring, and more.

  • Achieving Flexibility In RNA Drug Manufacturing With Microfluidics

    RNA manufacturers need flexible processes and technology. They need to manufacture high-quality RNA in small quantities and scale up. Modular, and more specifically, modular microfluidics equipment makes that easier. This discussion takes stock of the current state of modular equipment for RNA manufacturing.

  • Emerging Trends & Technologies In Anti-Counterfeit Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Counterfeit medicines are rising at an alarming rate, with data showing that nearly 6,500 pharmaceutical crime incidents were recorded in 2021, ranging from innovator drugs to generics, and from antimalarials to blood pressure medicine to vaccines. What packaging and labeling strategies are pharma/biotech companies using to tackle this?

  • Outsourcing And Phase-Appropriate GMP For Clinical Manufacturing Needs

    Appropriate manufacturing and timely delivery of investigational products are essential for the successful execution of clinical trials. This article shares best practices working with CDMOs as well as phase-appropriate GMP of the clinical supply.

  • A Brief Introduction To Environmental Monitoring For Startups

    Environmental monitoring is a crucial part of the pharma, biotech, and medical device field to indicate that the microbial particulate content of all cleanroom air and work surfaces is below acceptable levels. For new startups with a small number of employees wearing many hats, you might not have a deep understanding of what kind of monitoring is available, so this article shares an introduction.

  • Why Lactococcus Lactis Might Be The Best Membrane Protein Factory

    The bacteria lactococcus lactis has emerged as a promising alternative expression system for membrane proteins, which are difficult to manufacture. L. Lactis is inexpensive and easy to grow. It also doesn't produce endotoxins, which makes it a good fit for therapeutic applications.

  • Leveraging An Application Managed Services (AMS) Provider For Pharma/Biotech Serialization Systems

    With the expansion of serialization requirements, including the need for Drug Supply Chain Security Act compliance, many pharma/biotech companies are turning to serialization technology systems to help them manage those specifications. This article shares the key benefits of leveraging an application managed services (AMS) provider as well as key considerations for selecting a provider.






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