• Developing Optimal Pharmaceutical Quality Control Strategies
    Developing Optimal Pharmaceutical Quality Control Strategies

    How can the industry improve the quality of its products? The first tactic could be for the industry to increase the frequency of vendor inspections, using internal quality control programs to inspect suppliers to assure compliance with the necessary supply agreements and adherence to appropriate manufacturing practices, including GMPs.

  • What To Do When Your CDMO Receives A Warning Letter
    What To Do When Your CDMO Receives A Warning Letter

    You have just completed a full technical transfer to a CDMO for your commercial drug product. You selected this CDMO because it provides a wide range of support services and has a fully functional chemistry and microbiological laboratory, a manufacturing science and technology team, a production team that includes manufacturing and packaging, and a quality assurance team. This has been a two-year program and you are gearing up to launch the opening campaign.

  • Use These 7 Tools For Breakthrough Quality And Performance In 30 Days
    Use These 7 Tools For Breakthrough Quality And Performance In 30 Days

    Welcome to the sixth and final installment of this series on the proper selection and use of tools to help you improve Quality within your organization. This article ties together the previous five in this series with a treatise on the 7 Tools of Quality.

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Enhancing Bioavailability When Developing Oral Solid Formulations Enhancing Bioavailability When Developing Oral Solid Formulations

Methods for improving bioavailability are constantly evolving. Selecting the right approach is key to achieving a good formulation that reduces the frequency of dosing and improves patient compliance, as well as results in a low production cost.

Development Pathways For ATMPs: Virus Safety Challenges And Regulatory Perspective Development Pathways For ATMPs: Virus Safety Challenges And Regulatory Perspective

There is an increased risk of viral contamination in settings where ATMPs are prepared, making it critical to understand the contamination risks and the solutions available to control them.

Scale-Up Of A Cell-Based Influenza Virus Production Process

The white paper includes a brief discussion around modern vaccine processes, followed by a case study showing the scale-up of upstream and downstream processes for the production of a cell based live attenuated influenza virus using single-use ReadyToProcess technology.

A Guide To The Development Of Monoclonal Antibodies (mAb) Purification Platforms

The use of monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) and MAb conjugates as biopharmaceuticals have increased over the last decade. As a result, more cost-effective, efficient, and flexible process purification solutions are of high priority for MAb manufacturers. Increasing product titers upstream can introduce challenges in downstream purification processes. With increased MAb titers, the cell culture supernatant might contain an elevated number of impurities (e.g., aggregates) that need to be separated from the target molecule.

Platform Approach To Purification Of Bacterial Capsular Polysaccharides For Vaccine Production

Capsular polysaccharides (CPS) of encapsulated bacterial pathogens can give rise to an effective immune response in humans, and are commonly used in vaccine production. This whitepaper offers an overview of modern tools and technologies that can facilitate CPS-based vaccine production. An alternative purification approach based on chromatography, replacing many of the ethanol and phenol extraction steps of the traditional process, is also presented. Using the proposed purification platform, 28 different CPS of three different species could be processed to high purity and yield in a secure and environmentally friendly way.

Developing A Scalable Process For Adenovirus Manufacturing

To address the growing need for speed and efficiency in viral vector manufacturing, GE developed a process for adenovirus manufacturing that not only meets regulatory requirements but is also scalable.

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Quantitating Binding Similarities In IgG Fcγ Receptor Analysis

Critical quality attributes (CQA) are fundamental to regulatory compliance and in drug development and manufacturing. Find out how surface plasmon resonance has been applied for protein characterization of antibody effector function.

Dissolved Oxygen Sensing: Considerations And Solutions

In this technical note, Henry’s Law is reviewed, and various types of dissolved oxygen sensors are described and the performances evaluated and summarized.

Discovery Of Biochemical Markers For Understanding Disease

'Omic technologies and systems biology research provide a comprehensive view of the genetic, protein and biochemical nature of disease.

Are You Ready To Outsource Injectables?

Product development for injectable drugs requires a rigorous strategy and process consisting of four steps: (1) characterization, (2) formulation and development, (3) assurance of sterility (4) lyophilization. The process can be lengthy, expensive and risky, so it’s important to outsource to an experienced partner who can address the challenge involved. This white paper provides a roadmap for understanding how injectables are developed and offers suggestions on how to find the right outsourcing partner to manage the process

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