Outsourced Pharma App Notes & Case Studies

  1. Sharing Instruments: Bottleneck Or Increasing Utilization?

    Development of efficient manufacturing processes is a necessity for cost-effective production of biopharmaceuticals. By carefully designing and evaluating your experiments, sufficient information for optimizing your process can be obtained with a minimal number of experiments.

  2. Driving Productivity In Protein Purification

    Crucial to the successful operation of any research laboratory is the ability to efficiently generate purified proteins for further investigation and analysis. By Per Lidén (GE Healthcare Life Sciences), Svend Kjær (Cancer Research UK) and Mark Cooper (Abcam)

  3. How A Big Pharma Company Quickly Transferred 2 Oral Powder Antibiotics To Another Facility

    Patheon’s Puerto Rico Operations specialize in the high volume commercial manufacture of solid dosage forms including tablets, capsules, and powders packaged in bottles.

  4. Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Document Management Strategies For R&D

    Based out of South Boston, MA, with additional research programs in the UK and Canada, Vertex Pharmaceuticals has spent the past 25 years working to improve the lives of patients with serious diseases.

  5. BIOVIA Chemical Inventory Management Customer Story

    AkzoNobel is a leading worldwide producer of decorative paints, performance coatings and specialty chemicals headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They supply industries and consumers with innovative products in four key market segments: buildings and infrastructure, transportation, consumer goods and industrial applications. The company has approximately 50,000 employees in over 80 countries and more than 200 production sites.

  6. Eliminate The “Patchwork Quilt” Of Sample Management Systems

    This BIOVIA customer uniquely combines the reach and resources of a major pharmaceutical company with the entrepreneurial spirit and agility associated with the world of biotech. The company focuses on a range of illnesses including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis B, HIV/ AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis and psychiatric disorders. Their R&D organization prioritizes pipeline velocity and sales growth while continuing to manage costs.

  7. Single-Use vs Stainless: An Economic Microbial Fermentation Comparison

    In this case study, we compare production capacity and process economy between stainless steel and single-use equipment in microbial processes. Economy simulations were based on an E. coli Dab process. Production scenarios in both single- and multi-product facilities were considered.

  8. How Pacira Pharma Is Working To Help Curb The Opioid Epidemic

    The most effective way to stop opioid dependence is to eliminate the use of these addictive drugs after surgery altogether. This was the goal of Pacira Pharmaceuticals.

  9. Improving Green Chemistry With An Electronic Lab Notebook
    The drive toward sustainable, “green” processes in biopharmaceuticals seems like a daunting challenge. However, the right tools can integrate “green” practices into every aspect of the development workflow. This case study explores how one BIOVIA customer rolled out BIOVIA Workbook across its process chemistry division to around 1,000 scientists and the “green” benefits the group saw.
  10. Accelerated Fill/Finish CGMP Campaign For A Biologic Drug Product Program

    Manufacturing of biological and small molecule drug products is on the rise, and more often than not, generation of stability data and getting product released for clinical trials are on the critical path to approval. Emergent Camden not only understands that, but delivers quality product in timelines significantly shorter than other contract manufacturers.