• Digitally Connected, Liquid Nitrogen-Free Cryogenic Cold Chain

    A cryogenic cold chain starts with cryopreservation. Achieve consistent results without liquid nitrogen, scale effectively and efficiently, and get traceable digital records.

  • Switch To A Nitrogen-Free Cryopreservation System

    This study focuses on the running costs and carbon emissions associated with cryopreservation equipment, comparing a liquid nitrogen (LN2)-free controlled-rate freezer with a typical liquid nitrogen-based system. The environmental implications of using liquid nitrogen for cell freezing are explored along with carbon emissions during the manufacture, transportation, and operation of LN2-free controlled-rate freezers.

  • The Science Of Cell Therapy Thawing

    This guide summarizes the science of thawing following conventional, slow freezing methods. We address how cell thawing has historically developed into the techniques used today, along with the physical and biological implications of key metrics and components, such as warming rate and ice structure. Also included are reviews of key studies from scientific literature and a consideration of the interactions between cooling and warming rates, as applicable to cell and gene therapies.

  • Need For Speed: The Key To Successful Multi-Market Product Launches

    Launching a new drug in the European marketplace presents unique challenges. Numerous official working languages, complex independent regulatory requirements with an overarching framework, and the intricacy and scale of distribution are all characteristics of an EU launch. Jumping these hurdles is a given, but it’s the speed that makes the difference.


  • With full compliance to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), our serialization and anti-counterfeiting technology includes an internationally recognized system for unparalleled digital data management, visibility, and product security to ensure an effective and compliant supply chain for our customers.

  • Contracting an in-country clinical depot helps bring costs and timelines under control.

  • How your manufacturing, packaging, serialization, and clinical distribution can benefit with a contract partner.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific provides scalable, custom direct-to-patient services that ensure patients receive their medication with controlled and on time delivery.

  • Jones Healthcare Group enables advances in healthcare with packaging components and services that protect product integrity and help consumers make informed decisions. For over a century, our partnerships, knowledge and expertise across healthcare sectors have  uniquely positioned us to respond to evolving market needs with insights and opportunities that help our customers put consumer wellness first.