• New, LN2-Free Solution For Cryogenic Transport Of ATMPs

    Administration of cell therapies, in clinical trials or as commercial products, involves complex logistics between sometimes numerous partners and sites, making timing critical. A better understanding of the boundaries not to be crossed, in terms of transit time and temperature, to maintain cell integrity post-thaw, is studied here.

  • Shipping Temperatures For Cell Therapies

    Cryopreserved cells are often stored at a central facility before being shipped to the clinical location. This study explores the required shipping and storage temperatures for cryogenic cold chain delivery of biological samples.

  • Overcoming Cell Therapy Supply Chain Challenges

    To ensure the industry can realize the potential of cell and gene therapies, we must develop improved solutions that reliably support the control and transport of critical CGT raw materials and products.

  • Chronicle™ Software: Scaling For Needs In Cell Therapy

    Get support for your team through visibility of process data, locally and across your manufacturing sites. Obtain greater oversight of day-to-day operations, receive text and email-alerts of equipment alarms, and produce electronic batch records.


  • With full compliance to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), our serialization and anti-counterfeiting technology includes an internationally recognized system for unparalleled digital data management, visibility, and product security to ensure an effective and compliant supply chain for our customers.

  • Contracting an in-country clinical depot helps bring costs and timelines under control.

  • How your manufacturing, packaging, serialization, and clinical distribution can benefit with a contract partner.

  • Cold chain product integrity across the entire supply chain demands rigorous processes. A reusable shipper program brings multiple benefits for all stakeholders and further increases the quality across the supply chain.

  • The demand for biopharmaceutical products is continuously growing to serve the needs of an aging global population and the prevalence of chronic diseases. At the same time, the environment for biopharma companies is complex and challenging, with novel regulatory pathways, requirements to accelerate patient access, and rising competition.