• The Dual Sourcing Approach

    Having a secondary supplier in place for the manufacturing and packaging of life-saving critical medicines should be an essential part of your strategy in terms of patient health.

  • A Smart Solution To Clinical Supply Management

    Discover a supply management solution that ensures efficient delivery of clinical trial materials worldwide, while navigating the challenges of more complex study designs and the ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

  • Optimizing IRT For Clinical Supply Management

    Experts speak on supply capabilities within interactive response technology (IRT) – how flexibility is important to functionality and who to involve and which questions to ask in optimizing IRT for clinical supply.

  • Evaluation And Management Of Vendor-Qualified Thermal Solutions

    Evaluating vendor qualification of thermal solutions is necessary due diligence in an industry where risk guides nearly all decision-making, as well as many regulatory mandates.


  • Dual sourcing should be implemented to reduce risk and ensure an uninterrupted supply of critical, life-saving therapies. Recent FDA draft guidelines recommend risk management plans to prevent drug product shortages.

  • Discover how Quick to Care™️ advanced therapies streamlines contracting, communication, and coordination between all aspects of the value chain by integrating our manufacturing and distribution solutions across our network.

  • How your manufacturing, packaging, serialization, and clinical distribution can benefit with a contract partner.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific provides scalable, custom direct-to-patient services that ensure patients receive their medication with controlled and on time delivery.

  • Cold chain product integrity across the entire supply chain demands rigorous processes. A reusable shipper program brings multiple benefits for all stakeholders and further increases the quality across the supply chain.