• Leveraging Commercial Packaging Expertise Early To Ensure Successful Scaling From The Clinical Stage

    Pharmaceutical companies lose billions of dollars each year due to medication non-adherence, including failure to fill prescriptions or improperly implementing prescriptions. Focusing on the development of commercial packaging in early-stage clinical trials can help improve patient adherence and patient retention.

  • A Rich History Of Growth & Innovation

    From our founding days over a century ago to the next 100 years, our continued growth and investment allow us to take packaging to the next level with a focus on what matters most: improving consumer well-being.

  • Packaging The Future Of Healthcare

    The traditional purpose of healthcare packaging is to preserve and protect products, ensuring safety and efficacy for the patient or consumer. Packaging has also been the longstanding conduit between brands, manufacturers and products, and the patients and consumers who use those products – ultimately providing a key communications channel for brand messaging and usage instructions. In this paper we explore four key trends that drive how and when packaging creates value for patient and consumer well-being.

  • Accelerating Results For Healthcare Brands Through Advocacy, Materials Science Expertise And Integrated Packaging Capabilities

    Any change to packaging design for an approved pharmaceutical product is a time consuming, detail-orientated effort, even with small brand-driven changes––so when governments update packaging regulations on a larger scale, a company’s entire product line could be impacted, creating change management projects for sometimes hundreds of items. When Health Canada introduced amendments to the existing Food and Drug Regulations for non-prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drug products in 2014, pharmaceutical organizations selling products in the Canadian marketplace knew they had a significant challenge to overcome

  • How To Accelerate Global Market Growth With Agile Product Sample Pouching Programs

    A market-leading consumer health products division of a multi-national pharmaceutical company sought to grow their brand with an innovative, new vitamin product. This launch would involve complimentary sample pouches that could be distributed across a range of channels to reach as many consumers as possible. That is where Jones Healthcare Group stepped in.

  • Packaging Pharmaceuticals With Low Humidity And/Or Low Oxygen Requirements

    The onus is on manufacturers and their contract partners to deliver a safe, pure, effectively packaged drug. To identify protective packaging materials and to ensure that drug products are packaged in an environment with the appropriate humidity and oxygen levels, pharmaceutical contract packagers will need to understand all the implications of those parameters to implement an appropriate packaging and handling strategy.

  • Need For Speed: The Key To Successful Multi-Market Product Launches

    Launching a new drug in the European marketplace presents unique challenges. Numerous official working languages, complex independent regulatory requirements with an overarching framework, and the intricacy and scale of distribution are all characteristics of an EU launch. Jumping these hurdles is a given, but it’s the speed that makes the difference.

  • The Changing Dynamics Of The Pharma/Biotech Supply Chain – A Packaging And Clinical Supply Perspective

    Perhaps more than any other industry, pharma and biotech have undergone radical change over the past year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. From supply chain security and capacity to clinical trial operations and site auditing, almost every aspect has been affected. Experts explore how these trends are shaping the industry and offer an outlook.


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  • Oral Solid Dose Bottle Filling Services
    Our 100-year packaging service excellence in the health care industry has made Jones a trusted supplier and your ideal packaging partner for solid oral dose drug. Our investment in the latest technologies and production flexibility ensure speed to global markets for a vast array of packaging formats.

  • Contract manufacturing and packaging services that bring your vision to market.

  • Contract packaging for pharmaceutical and consumer health-care is Ropack’s core service. Global customers rely on our exacting production environments — 32 Class 100000 Clean Rooms, including a new dedicated stick-pack production facility ensuring low RH and controlled temperature.