• The Sharp Story – Our Capabilities And Experience

    Sharp works collaboratively with pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients across the world to create unique commercial and clinical packaging solutions. We are a global leader in contract packaging solutions and clinical trial supply and manufacturing services. Together, our 1,800-strong team works from state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands. We’ve built an exceptional reputation for the design, serialization and production of innovative packaging for even the most complex products.

  • Supporting The Rapid Launch Of Pharmaceutical And Biopharma Products: A Contract Packaging Perspective

    Product launches see pharma and biotech companies handing over drugs with incredible value, both commercially and to the health of patients globally, to contract packaging partners. Many of the virtual and small biotech companies simply lack the infrastructure necessary to handle packaging and large pharma companies tend to outsource as contract service providers offer experience and significant surge capacity for short or extended periods of time.

  • Ensuring The Efficacy Of Probiotic Products

    There is growing interest among consumers in verifying that the dietary supplements they take are safe and efficacious. The concern over whether consumers are getting the product as it is described on the label is rooted in one vital and transformative fact: probiotics are living organisms that are highly sensitive to humidity and oxygen. In the absence of proper handling and packaging, the efficacy of probiotic products can be compromised at any point of the packaging, storage and transportation process, inversely impacting shelf life and product viability and efficacy for the consumer.

  • Clinical Trial Packaging, Labeling And Storage In Horsham, UK

    This video provides insight into Thermo Fisher Scientific’s primary and secondary packaging of clinical trial materials at the Horsham, UK site. This site also specializes in automated global distribution and in Cold Chain Management.

  • What Clinical Teams Should Know About The Benefits Of Auto-Injectors

    For a host of reasons, auto-injectors are becoming biopharma companies’ delivery method of choice for commercial use and late-stage clinical trials. Auto-injectors ensure that the prescribed dose of medication is delivered fully and completely,making it easier to track compliance in clinical trials.

  • The Journey Of A CoolGuard™ Advance

    Witness the CoolGuard™ Advance temperature controlled packaging against the constant changes in ambient temperature during a 5 day journey involving trucks, airplanes and warehouses.

  • Cell Therapy Logistics

    Having a sound logistics strategy to ensure that a living drug is delivered to the right patient at the right time, location, and temperature is essential to patient safety and product effectiveness.

  • Scalable Strategies For Parenteral Dosage Form Selection

    Understand the strategies which can be employed at the different stages of development when choosing parenteral dosage forms.