Louis Garguilo


  • 4/29/2021

    We’re comforted by our music standards, those go-to playlists we can always rely on. In drug development and manufacturing, standards are also music to our ears. Now, says Ronald Piervincenzi, USP’s CEO, advanced technology needs new standards to guide the next generation of U.S.-based production of medicines.

  • 4/21/2021

    “What’s the USP got to do with it?” That’s what I ask Ronald Piervincenzi, CEO, U.S. Pharmacopeia. The question is triggered by the announcement of a “strategic alliance” between Phlow Technologies and the USP, and the quest to bring advanced manufacturing to our industry.

  • 4/14/2021

    There are extenuating circumstances, but we need a deeper contemplation of what has gone on at Emergent BioSolutions regarding vaccine production. Outsourced Pharma readers are the experienced professionals to do that. So from that lens of supply-chain understanding, what’s happening here?

  • 4/12/2021

    “With regard to the ongoing nature of a relationship with a CDMO, you need to find a partner that can align with your ambition,” says Max Donley, Aurinia Pharmaceuticals. "However," he adds, when a positive drug-sponsor/CDMO relationship starts to deteriorate, "it’s often because the CDMO gets stiff-armed.”

  • 4/8/2021

    Aurinia Pharmaceuticals and Lonza have put together a multi-year agreement for a dedicated manufacturing facility – a state-of-the-art "monoplant” – within the CDMO's existing API facility in Visp, Switzerland. So what exactly is a monoplant? And how can you get one?

  • 4/6/2021

    A biopharma executive believes the industry should receive a more complete rendering of what we’ve learned from our COVID-19 experience.His message is familiar, but isn't sufficiently elucidated: "Our drug development and manufacturing outsourcing model is integral to taming the pandemic."

  • 3/31/2021

    Knut Niss, Chief Technology Officer, Mustang Bio, Inc., has four specific pieces of advice for Outsourced Pharma readers of all stripes, but most specifically targeted at the cell-and-gene therapy developers among you.

  • 3/23/2021

    Knut Niss, Chief Technology Officer, Mustang Bio, Inc., has advice for all cell and gene developers: Build capacity now, outsource as needed later. Perhaps this changes when more CDMOs are set up to serve emerging biopharma. Here's a look.

  • 3/19/2021

    Recent mRNA vaccine successes conceal the long-term challenges emerging mRNA companies have faced with finding experience and capacity at CDMOs. Here’s sound advice for emerging mRNA when forming scientific, investment, and overall plans for commercial success.

  • 3/10/2021

    A Biopharma and CDMO lead a positive nationalism in Canada. In fact, ‘Canada First’ hasn’t the political corollaries felt by “America First” deliberations in the U.S. Jared Davis, CEO of Providence Therapeutics, believes every country should be able to take care of their own during a health-care crises. 


Louis Garguilo

Louis Garguilo is chief editor and conference chair for Outsourced Pharma, and a contributing editor to Life Science Leader magazine. He studied public relations and journalism at Syracuse University (and holds a Master’s in English), and has 30+ years of international experience in business communications and development positions. Louis spent a decade at a global pharmaceutical contract research, development and manufacturing organization; served under the governor of New York in the state’s economic development agency, as liaison to the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry; was chief strategic officer for an e-learning software company; and spent most of the ‘80s and ‘90s in Japan as an educator, author, and business communications consultant, including for the Osaka Medical Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases.