• Achieving Speed To Market Using The Optimal Program For Your Drug Candidate

    With a variety of gene to IND programs on the market, it is important you carefully assess which program matches your technical expectations as well as your risk adversity profile.

  • How Intelligent Collaboration Transformed A Generic Into A Best-In-Class New Drug

    A pharmaceutical developer specializing in leveraging common compounds for new indications needed to transform a generic solid active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) into a commercial, sterile injectable approved by regulators. Read how collaboration and the drive to find a workable solution led to a successful drug development program.

  • Making The Medicine Go Down: Specialized Oral Solids Delivery Technologies

    Most oral solid formulations are designed to release the drug immediately after swallowing for rapid absorption into the bloodstream. However, some products have been developed to release the drug in a specific way following ingestion and provide a “controlled-release” of the drug products. In this article, Sandra Conway, Technical Lead at Pfizer CentreOne discusses some of the drug development technologies that provide a more specialized approach to oral dose delivery.

  • The Importance Of End-To-End Thinking During Drug Product Development

    Throughout a drug product development program it is important to build robustness and flexibility into the manufacturing process. In this article, Dr. Kashif Ghaffar, process validation pharmacist at Pfizer’s Freiburg facility, discusses what needs to be considered during product development in preparation for commercial manufacture.


  • Biacore™ Insight Evaluation Software

    Biacore Insight Evaluation Software offers a modular evaluation software with intuitive workflow and application-specific extensions, tailored for Biacore systems. The modular design of the software extensions allows a more cost-efficient configuration to evaluate data from surface plasmon resonance (SPR) systems including Biacore 8K, Biacore 8K+, Biacore T200, and Biacore S200.

  • Fill/Finish Services For Viral Vectors

    We offer services for new and emerging, mid-size, and large biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions developing viral vectors and viral vaccines who need Fill / Finish capacity. Our solutions are flexible, comprehensive Fill / Finish services for viral vectors that comply with current regulatory and quality requirements.

  • Mammalian Cell Culture: Process R&D Services

    Lonza’s global R&D center for mammalian cell processes is based in Slough, UK alongside a custom manufacturing facility. Lonza undertakes highly specialized development and manufacturing services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Read more about Lonza’s complete range of R&D Services and an array of technologies and skills to best match their customers’ requirements for all stages of product development.

  • Biopharma Capabilities Overview

    This brochure provides an overview of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s biopharma capabilities. Download it to learn about their capabilities, integrated workflows, processes, and more.

  • Early Development Fact Sheet

    Leverage an innovative partner with proven expertise in early development to ensure quick problem solving, speed and results.