• Local Treatment Of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer With A Spray-Dried Bevacizumab Formulation

    Local delivery of biotherapeutics to the lung holds great promise for treatment of lung diseases, but development of physically stable, biologically active dry powder formulations of large molecules for inhalation has remained a challenge.

  • The Many Benefits Of Outsourcing Stability

    In the typical scenario of a drug discovery, development cycle and manufacturing, stability studies play a crucial role in validating the sustainability of the drug substance or the drug product when exposed to varied temperatures and storage conditions.

  • Lonza & Me: Surrozen

    Surrozen is a small biotech developing novel and complex bispecific antibodies that target activation of the WNT pathway to take advantage of its regenerative potential. Although the WNT pathway has been studied for decades, Surrozen is aiming to develop the first therapeutics that intervene in this pathway and only in diseased tissue.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: A Wonder Molecule For The Cosmetic And Pharma Industries

    Hyaluronic acid (HA) biopolymer is a naturally occurring material that helps retain moisture in the skin and eyes and lubricates the joints. Understand the many applications of HA and possibilities for the future.


  • With the pressure to reduce timelines from initial idea to a First-In-Human (FIH) clinical verification, poor solubility and dissolution rate can be major hurdles for advancing complex molecules. SimpliFiH® Solutions is a streamlined and comprehensive service package designed for early-phase projects.

  • The pressure to file an IND makes accelerated Phase I safety testing a priority. With the Quick to Clinic program, Thermo Fisher Scientific can deliver your large molecule drug substance for First-in-Human studies in as little as 12 months. Now you can meet important milestones – such as filing the IND – or secure additional funding with all the confidence your project needs and, we can supply. Because helping you reduce the time it takes to get your discovery to the patients who need it matters, our Quick to Clinic for Biologics is made with speed and flexibility.

  • Leverage an innovative partner with proven expertise in early development to ensure quick problem solving, speed and results.

  • Improve productivity and cell growth in fed-batch cultures by supplementing the cell culture medium to boost nutrients depleted during culture. HyClone™ Cell Boost™ 2 Supplement provides nutrients such as amino acids and glucose that are suitable for research and bioprocessing applications.

  • The commercialization of a combination product can be a complex process that involves obtaining the proper data, choosing a drug delivery system, developing a regulatory strategy and conducting clinical trials—all of which can increase development risks and affect your molecule’s time to market.