• Improve productivity and cell growth in fed-batch cultures by supplementing the cell culture medium to boost nutrients depleted during culture. HyClone™ Cell Boost™ 2 Supplement provides nutrients such as amino acids and glucose that are suitable for research and bioprocessing applications.

  • Optimize your small molecule API, and de-risk your product development. Understanding the physical characteristics of API and required modification is critical to successful product development and product performance.

  • Leverage an innovative partner with proven expertise in early development to ensure quick problem solving, speed and results.

  • The pressure to file an IND makes accelerated Phase I safety testing a priority. With the Quick to Clinic program, Thermo Fisher Scientific can deliver your large molecule drug substance for First-in-Human studies in as little as 12 months. Now you can meet important milestones – such as filing the IND – or secure additional funding with all the confidence your project needs and, we can supply. Because helping you reduce the time it takes to get your discovery to the patients who need it matters, our Quick to Clinic for Biologics is made with speed and flexibility.

  • In the contract pharmaceutical industry quality, compliance, and expertise have become cost of entry. Faster separations, mass detection, Quality-by-Design, and new analytical technologies and services can all add value.