• Backed by Lonza’s more than 30 years’ expe­rience and expertise in biological processing and our track record in the chemical and bio­technological industry, we offer our customers a full “one-stop-shop” service package at all stages of development and production.

  • Ensure that you always have the exact resources and expertise you need, especially for your most difficult to manufacture compounds.

  • Choose the right process development and manufacturing partner to guide your company through the many parameters along the drug development process.

  • We simplify pre-production workflows—for both upstream and downstream—by delivering fit-for-purpose process liquid and buffer preparation solutions that enable you to produce life-changing therapeutics and vaccines, faster.

  • Successful drug product development should integrate formulation, manufacturing process, primary packaging, device and delivery to the patient. Lonza’s Drug Product Services (DPS) offering delivers a holistic approach to DP development that anticipates and prevents problems early, and ensures the result is a product that is fit for purpose.