• The developability evaluation comprises in silico analysis as well as a series of in vitro assays for the drug candidates, so to provide information about the integrity, purity, aggregation, thermostability, charge heterogeneity, glycosylation, poly-reactivity, potency, stability over low pH and accelerated storage conditions, and potential PKPD profile.

  • Improve productivity and cell growth in fed-batch cultures by supplementing the cell culture medium to boost nutrients depleted during culture. HyClone™ Cell Boost™ 2 Supplement provides nutrients such as amino acids and glucose that are suitable for research and bioprocessing applications.

  • Learn how our expertise in high-yield suspension cell lines, robust lentiviral vector production, and extensive quality control measures can expedite your innovative lentiviral vector programs.

  • Our newly expanded in-house capabilities span clinical and commercial scale manufacturing for DPIs, unit-dose, bi-dose and preserved multi-dose nasal sprays.

  • Much more than a CMO, AbbVie is an established biopharmaceutical partner providing comprehensive support at every phase of your mAb’s development to commercial life cycle.