Exclusively for subscribers of Outsourced Pharma, our content collections bundle articles centered around a particular topic or theme. These carefully curated selections feature content from both our internal team of editors as well as our subject matter experts who contribute regularly to the site.

  • Outsourcing Trends For Cell & Gene Therapy

    The cell and gene therapy sector’s focus on outsourcing is a major area of on-going concern due to the shortage of suitable manufacturing facilities and qualified outsourcing staff.  This collection of articles weighs the economic benefits of outsourcing (i.e. productivity, efficiency, time-to-market, and quality gains) as well as best practices for selecting an outsourcing partner. Here you’ll find information about the current limitations associated with a complicated manufacturing process as well as existing and promising opportunities and developments needed to outsource most — if not all components — of the value chain.

  • Patents, Generics, And Innovative Drugs: New Ideas For Drug Development Within The U.S. Healthcare System


    Starting with the editorial, What If Our Generics Strategy Has Been All Wrong?, Outsourced Pharma Chief Editor Louis Garguilo presents this series exploring the subjects of patents and pricing, innovative drugs versus generics, and our entire healthcare system. Learn more in this free collection of articles.

  • Data Integrity In The Life Sciences

    This eBook is a collection of articles from the Data Integrity In The Life Sciences series, the purpose of which is to highlight contemporary insights and relationships to key quality systems in order to elevate the most important topics and advance improvements in the collective quality culture.

  • Keeping Up With Continuous Manufacturing

    The promise of continuous manufacturing seems almost limitless in its potential. But, what about the reality on the ground? Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor of Outsourced Pharma, looks at current continuous manufacturing initiatives underway and what’s slowing adoption.

  • The State Of Fill-Finish Services In Pharma

    Outsourced Pharma’s Chief Editor, Louis Garguilo, takes a deep-dive into the current state of fill-finish services in the pharmaceutical outsourcing space. He talks to executives from both sponsor and CDMO companies and helps readers understand the current challenges in fill-finish, stakeholders’ role in improving outcomes, and potential future solutions.

  • Modeling Relationships With CDMOs

    Partnerships between sponsor companies and contract manufacturers can take on endless variations. Louis Garguilo, Chief Editor of Outsourced Pharma explores several successful sponsor-CDMO relationships by talking to the participants involved.

  • Examining the Biopharma-CDMO Relationship with the Global Drug Industry

    Are we dangerously reliant on outsourcing to China, and is this outsourcing without the good of U.S. patients in mind? Our drug development and manufacturing outsourcing industry can’t escape the ins-and-outs of geopolitical and global affairs. Learn more in this free collection of articles