E-Book | October 24, 2019

Patents, Generics, And Innovative Drugs: New Ideas For Drug Development Within The U.S. Healthcare System

Source: Outsourced Pharma

Starting with the editorial, What If Our Generics Strategy Has Been All Wrong?, Outsourced Pharma Chief Editor Louis Garguilo presents this series exploring the subjects of patents and pricing, innovative drugs versus generics, and our entire healthcare system.

Garguilo speaks with Paul Lammers, President & CEO, Triumvira Immunologics; Robert Ward, Chairman and CEO, Eloxx Pharmaceuticals; Robert Discordia, COO, Corbus Pharmaceuticals; and Bikash Chatterjee, President and CSO, Pharmatech Associates, to develop a new approach to all these subjects. This collection includes suggestions for improving the business opportunities of the pharmaceutical industry and individual companies -- including those in the support and supply chain – as well as increase innovation in drug development, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.