Insights On Drug Development

  1. Designing In-Vitro Dissolution Test Conditions During Early Phase Formulation Development

    Deriving in vitro dissolution test conditions represents a challenging area for many organizations progressing through early stage development. Unfortunately, the stakes here are high. Inappropriate dissolution test conditions during early phase formulation development may lead to a partial or complete failure of desired bioavailability in vivo.

  2. Overcoming Bioavailability Challenges In Oral Formulation Development

    With nearly 90 percent of the developmental pipeline drugs consisting of poorly soluble molecules, formulation experts must be prepared to address this obstacle by applying various approaches to improve an API’s pharmacokinetics. 

  3. How To Adapt Your Existing Biomanufacturing Process To Maximize Production

    Achieving “smarter”, more flexible workflows requires a complete understanding of today’s novel solutions and technologies, which, when applied appropriately, can push the boundaries of drug development and offer critical advantages in an increasingly competitive industry. 

  4. Intensified Chromatography Strategies

    With a newer toolbox of options to intensify downstream manufacturing operations, it is important to understand what factors should impact decisions regarding the implementation of these solutions.

  5. Achieving Operational Efficiency In Today’s Fragmented Market

    Meeting the goals of today’s industry requires a deeper look at how to continuously achieve maximum utilization and reduce waste without sacrificing quality in the race to be first to market. 

  6. 4 Steps Toward End-To-End Connected Manufacturing

    Breaking down the implementation of continuous manufacturing into the following four steps may provide some much-needed guidance as you prepare your network for the future of biomanufacturing.

  7. Meeting Patient Needs Through Expedited Delivery Of Phase I Materials

    To quickly deliver their product to patients in need, Reneo Pharma teamed up with Thermo Fisher Scientific to take advantage of its Quick to Clinic for Oral Solid Dose program.

  8. Venerated And Vital: Using Lipid Based Delivery For Fast And Efficient Early Phase Development

    Introduced to the pharmaceutical industry decades ago, lipid-based drug delivery systems are the most well-studied and widely utilized technology among all available bioavailability enhancement technologies. Lipid-based drug delivery systems have delivered more than 60 unique drug molecules to market – and counting. Watch this webinar to learn more about the importance of and recent developments in lipid-based drug delivery systems, novel lipid excipients, models, and screening tools for early phase development of lipid-based drug delivery systems, and using mechanistic studies and modeling to predict the impact of lipids on oral absorption.

  9. Is Your Partner Prepared For Your Scale-Up And Commercialization Challenges?

    Most early-stage companies are not equipped with the means necessary for successful scale-up and commercialization, so it is critical you find a partner that can help you overcome the inevitable challenges of drug development.

  10. The Criticality Of API CDMO Selection: Insights From A Client

    4SC AG, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific Pharma Services, whose experienced team helped them overcome active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing hurdles, leading to a path toward commercial success.