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  1. The Future of BioManufacturing

    The biomanufacturing industry is undergoing a major shift, from single-product processes and stainless steel infrastructure to flexible, multi-product facilities using singleuse technology.

  2. The Role Of Pharmaceutical Packaging Partners In Times Of Growth

    The expanding global pharmaceutical industry projects a 4%-6% annual growth and forecasts that it will reach a value of $1T by 2014. By Paul Dupont

  3. Upgrade Your Chromatography System – 10 Ways To Boost Your Productivity

    By upgrading from ÄKTAexplorer to ÄKTA avant chromatography system, you can improve productivity in process development. Depending on your application and how the system is operated, different ways to improve your productivity will have varying impact. Here we show 10 ways to boost your productivity.

  4. Customizing The Cold Chain

    With things “heating up” in terms of more diverse temperature demands, the industry is moving away from the term cold chain, and we’ll start to see more references to the more inclusive temperature-controlled transport.

  5. Four Reasons For The Rise In Blister Packaging

    Blister packaging, not long ago considered a less significant segment of the North American pharmaceutical packaging industry, is now outpacing most other industry segments. In 2010, blister represented 17% of the global market and recorded $8.1B in revenue, according to Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry – 2011 Yearbook. GBI Research. By Paul Dupont, Director of Business Development North America, Ropack, Inc.

  6. Challenges & Opportunities: Encapsulation Of Liquid & Semi-Solid Formulations Into Oral Capsules

    The encapsulation of liquids and semi-solids provides solutions for convenient delivery through improved oral absorption of poorly water-soluble drugs.

  7. How To Survive An FDA Audit

    Understanding the FDA audit process, preparing for it and being aware of regulations will help to restore a sense of control and help to ensure the best outcome.

  8. A New Hypromellose Capsule For Optimum Formulation Of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

    Hypromellose (HPMC) capsules were originally formulated with a secondary gelling agent. This agent can delay dissolution in some circumstances and lead to unwanted issues during product development.

  9. Navigating In The Single-Use Space: How To Find The Right Cell Culture Bioreactor

    The bioreactor is the cornerstone on which cell culture for biopharmaceutical production is based.

  10. Are You Into Biosimilars?

    Biosimilars are considered to be one of the fastest growing sectors of the pharmaceutical industry.