Outsourced Pharma Webinars

  1. Challenges And Opportunities in Development Of Biologic Drugs

    Biologic drugs, including monoclonal antibodies are revolutionizing the treatment of human diseases. There are nearly 60 antibodies that are approved and over 300 or more biologic drugs are at various stages of drug development. And with the improved efficacy and growing number of disease targets for biologic drugs, these numbers are likely to continue to increase.

  2. Optimize Biologic Drug Development With The Power Of Scientific Informatics

    Many organizations in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries have increased their efforts in biotherapeutic drug development to remain competitive by shifting their activities away from small molecule toward biologics drug development.

  3. Developing Site-Specifically Modified ADCs Using A Chemoenzymatic Approach

    Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) have become de rigueur for pharmaceutical oncology drug development pipelines. There are more than 40 ADCs undergoing clinical trials and many more in preclinical development. Get the latest on novel protein modification platform and its application to generate ADCs, including new conjugation chemistries and linkers.

  4. Get To Clinic Faster: Navigating Complex Biologics Through Development And Manufacturing

    With the increasing complexity of biologics and growing competition, a comprehensive approach involving advanced drug delivery and development technologies, as well as cutting-edge analytical techniques is needed to support development goals. Learn about the strategies to drive biologics and biosimilar development programs and meet aggressive development timelines.

  5. Should Your Next Clinical Trial Use A New Supply Model?

    Clinical supply models need to provide for an adequate supply of patient kits that allow for variations in patient recruitment levels and clinical site activity.

  6. Optimizing Your Clinical Supply Chain Strategy For Asia-Pacific Studies

    Widespread and diverse, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region spans over two dozen countries where a population of over two billion and growing conduct business in more than a dozen major languages including Mandarin Chinese, English, French, Dutch, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, and Khmer.

  7. Leveraging Forecasting Models To Optimize Clinical Trial Supply Management

    Explore how to drive excellence within the forecasting process and how to utilize forecasting throughout the study to plan for study clinical supply budgets and identify potential supply-related issues before they negatively impact your study.

  8. Around the World In Clinical Trials – New Regulations And Country Specific Challenges

    As certain regions of the world are added to a clinical study, the logistical and regulatory challenges associated with clinical trial supply distribution can rise exponentially. Underestimating the often complex distribution logistics necessitated by the sensitive and highly regulated nature of clinical supplies can potentially put a study’s budget and timeline — and more importantly, patients — at risk. Standards and accepted practices in one part of the world may be unacceptable in another.

  9. Maintaining Product Integrity In Biologic & Biosimilar Clinical Studies

    Specialized expertise in cold chain shipping and logistics are critical to avoid costly delays and potential for patient harm resulting from an interruption or delay in necessary clinical supply. Maintaining product integrity and reliability of supply can be especially challenging for biologic and biosimilar studies as the investigational and reference products will almost certainly require cold chain handling and may be high value, very limited in supply or require long lead times for new batches.

  10. Webinar: Innovative Drug Delivery For Patient Treatments

    In this webinar, academic and industry experts present several case studies that illustrate how novel lipid formulation strategies.