Outsourced Pharma Webinars

  1. Webinar: Innovative Drug Delivery For Patient Treatments

    In this webinar, academic and industry experts present several case studies that illustrate how novel lipid formulation strategies.

  2. Oral Delivery Of Macromolecule Drugs For Localized Treatment Of GI Diseases

    In this webinar, experts review the physiological changes of gut diseases and discuss how formulation approaches can potentially enable local delivery of macromolecule drugs orally with case studies.

  3. Bench to Clinic – Preclinical & First-in-Man Drug Development Strategies

    In this webinar, industry experts discuss several factors that impact early phase development and clinical success to help progress development to the next phase in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

  4. Biologics Manufacturing - Is Your Company Ready?

    This webcast will not only reveal the current trends and challenges in Biologics manufacturing, but also new business models and how technology can drive high quality and operational efficiency. 

  5. What Paper Informed Consent Isn’t Offering You… And Why Top Pharma Is Turning to eConsent

    Why Top Pharma is turning to Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent) to exceed in these areas.

  6. The World’s Best eCOA Body Map: How Patients Improved Symptom Location Reporting

    The burden of ineffective and inefficient body maps creates risks that can impact data quality. We knew we could come up with something much better - for all stakeholders.

  7. Integrating Safety And Immunogenicity Assessments Into The Biopharma Preclinical Development Process

    Efficacy, safety, immunogenicity and manufacturability issues play a large role in the high attrition rate of biopharmaceutical candidates each year. To help reduce the risk of failure, tools to address the developability of preclinical candidates have been established.

  8. The Implications Of Inaccurate Forecasting In Biologic Drug Substance Manufacturing And Strategies To Mitigate Risks

    The biopharma market is undergoing tremendous transformation. Speed to develop and manufacture product has become a critical driver with increased competition to be first to market. 

  9. Innovations In E-Consent: Reducing Regulatory Risk While Improving Participant Comprehension

    Informed consent has a major impact on regulatory compliance, enrollment rates and expenses across the life of your study. Yet the traditional paper-based process has transformed informed consent into one of the most cited deficiencies.

  10. The Challenges Of Demand Forecast Accuracy For New Drug Launches

    This webinar discusses how achieving accurate demand forecasts is extremely challenging, especially for new drug launches, and what pharma companies are doing to overcome those challenges.