Outsourced Pharma Products & Services

  1. MicroCal Systems: Titration Calorimeter

    The MicroCal systems provide fundamental information on thermodynamics in biomolecular interaction and stability analyses.

  2. CDMO For All Phases Of The Drug Life Cycle

    Piramal Pharma Solutions is the contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) arm of Piramal Enterprises Ltd with a vast network of development and manufacturing facilities located in North America, Europe and Asia. 

  3. Label-Free Interaction Analytics

    We offer a range of systems, accessories, and reagents for label-free analysis using microcalorimetry or surface plasmon resonance (SPR). These techniques provide information-rich, real time data without the use of labels.

  4. Press-Fit® & XPress-Fit™ Gelcaps

    Press-Fit® and XPress-Fit™ are two-piece gelcaps that combine the best qualities of a gelatin capsule with the density of a tablet, creating an exciting new dosage form that can be custom engineered to meet specific product performance criteria. The Press-Fit® and Xpress-Fit™ gelcaps have a unique dosage form consisting of a flexible, high-gloss gelatin coating that encases the capelts.

  5. Liquid Chromatography System For Scale-Up Biomanufacturing: ÄKTA

    ÄKTA ready is a liquid chromatography system built for process scale-up and production for early clinical phases. The system can be used with ready-to-use disposable flow paths, eliminating the need for cleaning between products/batches. Two versions of ÄKTA ready are available: one version for only isocratic use and the other with gradient capability.

  6. Plantcaps Plant-based Capsules

    Plantcaps capsules from Capsugel are the new premium capsules designed for the needs of the growing and very discerning healthy lifestyle market.

  7. Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging: Primary And Secondary Packaging Services

    Ropack Pharma Solutions offers turnkey contract primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging services of solid oral dosages. Whether in blisters, bottles, flip-top vials, stick-packs, sachets or strip-packs, we manufacture and package powders, tablets and capsules for clinical or commercial applications.

  8. High-Throughput Process Development

    Time-to-clinic and time-to-market are two key factors in successful biopharmaceutical development.

  9. Chromatography ÄKTA™ Ready & ReadyToProcess Columns

    ÄKTA ready and ReadyToProcess columns are part of the ReadyToProcess platform, consisting of plug-and-play, ready-to-use solutions for entire chromatography processes. ÄKTA ready is a fully automated liquid chromatography system for process scale-up and production of materials for clinical trials. The system operates with ready-to-use, disposable flow paths that are available in High and Low Flow Kits. The ReadyToProcess columns are delivered prepacked, prequalified and presanitized.

  10. Market Research Report: Small Molecule API Contract Manufacturer Quality Benchmarking (2nd Edition)

    This market research report is based off of the data provided from 241 respondents who have been involved in outsourced small molecule projects over the past 18 months. It provides service quality evaluations on 36 CMOs across 27 critical attributes. These attributes include: Proven ability to manufacture small molecule API, Reliable on-time delivery, Strong regulatory track record, Track record for meeting quality performance metrics, Ability to smoothly scale up manufacturing and transfer technology, Scientific knowledge, among others. The respondents provided assessment ratings based off of 689 total service encounters.