Outsourced Pharma Products & Services

  1. Commercial Drug Product Manufacture

    Scaling up from our development services to full scale commercial drug product manufacture or transferring existing commercial products we can meet your commercial drug product manufacturing requirements.

  2. G3 Bioreactor: Easy Integration With Cell Culture and Fermentation Applications

    Finesse has designed its third-generation SmartController bioreactor hardware to be highly configurable and easily adapted to both cell culture and fermentation applications. By leveraging SmartParts components, all G3 controllers have the capability and flexibility required to optimize any process, whether in the laboratory or in a cGMP-compliant manufacturing plant. The G3 control platform incorporates innovative features that enhance the productivity, quality, and reproducibility of batch, fed batch, or perfusion processes.

  3. Validation-Ready Production Operations Platform: BIOVIA Discoverant

    BIOVIA’s Process Production Operations solution, BIOVIA Discoverant, is a validation-ready solution for process and quality data access, aggregation, contextualization, analysis and reporting. BIOVIA Discoverant empowers production operations in process industries like life science or specialty chemicals to shorten time to market and maximize profitability by enabling understanding of critical process drivers that drive desired business results, monitoring variability for preemptive action and leveraging opportunities to maximize sustainability.

  4. SGcaps Soft Gelatin Capsules

    Our expert scientists and manufacturing specialists can help your products succeed by solving your complex solubility, stability and bioavailability formulation challenges, supporting your development efforts and helping ensure a successful launch of your softgel products.

  5. TrialMax Slate™ eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment)

    TrialMax Slate is a software platform that provides a single solution for eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments) and is designed for clinicians and caregivers on the study sites.

  6. Pharmaceutical Development - Early Phase

    Almac’s experienced formulation scientists can develop a range of oral dose formulations for early stage clinical trials.

  7. DRcaps Acid-Resistant Capsules

    Certain release properties can help give your products an added edge and the vitality needed to spur growth, but adding this product feature can be challenging.

  8. Commercial Storage & Distribution

    Complementing our commercial manufacturing and packaging services, we provide a range of commercial storage and distribution solutions for solid oral dosage forms and sterile biopharmaceuticals, for both niche / orphan drug products and large scale commercial market volumes.

  9. Market Research Report: CRO Quality Benchmarking – Phase II/III Service Providers (9th Edition)

    This market research report was developed based off of the responses of 296 industry professionals involved in outsourcing Phase II/III projects, and the 812 service encounters they’ve had over the last 18 months.  It includes information on respondent’s outsourcing philosophies and practices, their perceptions of and experiences with CROs involved in Phase II/III trials, how they select CROs, and their performance analysis of 37 different CROs.

  10. Xcelodose® S Precision Powder Micro-Dosing System
    With the Xcelodose® system, creating manufacturing batches for clinical trials and small-scale production has never been easier or more precise. That's because this unique technology allows companies to fill capsules with drug substances alone, thereby eliminating the need for excipient compatibility and preformulation activities.