Balancing Your Life While Working Remotely

August 20, 2020 - CA US


Overview: This timely training will cover numerous problem areas in the realm of finding and keeping balance while working from home. Certain issues that can arise from transitioning to working at home, include finding and maintaining a quiet and private space, free from distractions. Other practical issues are explored, that left untouched, can be a problem hindering balance. The issue of stress and the physiological and psychological toll that it takes on the mind and body is considered during the training. How humans respond to that stress is explored. Detailed strategies for healthy adaptation to triggers are explored, showing how every worker can improve their situation, no matter how stressful, and find their own resilience in the wake of adversity. A third general area, that of managing time is explored as the maximum usage of time, qualitatively and quantitatively is mapped. Workers often experience long periods of procrastination as well as interruptions from others, making productivity and seamless work difficult at best. Strategies for moving away from procrastination and into activating work as well as staying focused in that work are discussed. Other helpful time related strategies are offered that will improve your use of this limited resource. Proper planning becomes a key component in staying with the program of working remotely from home. An exploration of what can happen without good planning and follow through contrasted with what makes a good plan great will be explored. Several planning tasks are outlined which will help participants gain confidence in how they follow through an integrative flow of achievement in both personal and work tasks. Finally, specific strategies for staying healthy, integrated, and balanced are presented throughout the program that will help the participant with feeling confident in the face of their uncertainty, accomplished by days end, and satisfied in their pursuit of balance while working from home. Why you should Attend: In the wake of a global pandemic, a high amount of uncertainty exists over how long workers will need to remain home or remote in some fashion. Even after stay at home orders are lifted, many companies will opt to keep their workers home for health safety reasons. Some companies will keep their workers remote as they realize financial benefits during their economic recovery process. And, a few companies in industries that can thrive having employees work remotely will remain so well after the threat of the virus goes away and financial losses are recouped. What does this mean for you, the remote worker? It translates to a present condition of meeting the challenges of balancing tasks, emotions, and thoughts in the same environment that you sleep, gather with family and friends, and experience personal joy.Some are better than others at balancing these areas of life.Many, however, find it difficult. You may become distracted and not be able to accomplish work goals. Alternatively, you might work too much and neglect your family and personal life, right from within your own home. These are two highly common "out of balance" complaints of individuals who work from home. Without proper tools to help workers remain aware, balanced and fully integrated in both work and personal life, chaos looms, even pathology for some. Areas Covered in the Session: Introduction - Into Uncertainty and Out of Balance Practicalities of Working from Home Space Setup Privacy Schedule Stress The Science of Stress - On the brain Triggers Symptoms or Signs Stress Reduction & Management Strategies Time Management Procrastination & Self-Loathing (Negative Spinning) Overcommitted, Overpromised, Underdelivered- (YES Disease) Making A Limited Resource Feel Unlimited - (Solutions) Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan, Live Your Life Plan Your Work - A Simple Guide to Planning Work Your Plan - From Activation to Achievement Live Your Life - Nurture Your Spirit Daily Balance Related Strategies Adopt a Philosophy - Your Mission Statement or Motto The Positive Mantras Deliver Compassion - Self & Others Find Your ZENS Summary & Conclusion Who Will Benefit: Anyone working from in any industry Small Business Professionals Data Entry Administrators Managers Accountants Teachers Principals, CEO's CFO's Secretaries, Office Managers Dispatchers Call Center Personnel Tech Workers etc Howard Baumgarten - MentorHealthSpeaker Profile Howard Baumgarten is a Licensed Professional Counselor, author, consultant, speaker, wellness and small business-training expert, and owner of a successful mental health private practice in Lakewood, Colorado.

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