Speed to IND for Biologics

October 17 - 18, 2018 - San Fransisco MA US



CBI’s Speed to IND for Biologics provides a comprehensive, cross-functional format that brings together experts from every department to share their perspectives, achievements and lessons learned as a community working towards the common goal of accelerating speed while managing and mitigating risk. Take Part in this Interactive Forum to Discuss and Determine the Best Approaches To: • Accelerate the Transition from R&D to Development • Address Cell Line Development Needs Using New Technologies and Alternate Strategies • Overlap Activities to Compress Timelines • Determine Best Technologies in Analytical and Process Sciences that Enable Compressed Timelines • Accelerate Development of New Modalities and Approaches to IND Filing • Integrate a Cross-Functional Approach to Successfully Manage Critical Path to IND • Determine and Mitigate the Technical, Manufacturing and Regulatory Risks • Address Regulatory and Quality Challenges in Accelerating Timelines

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