Company Profile | March 26, 2001

World Courier, Inc.

Source: World Courier Management
World Courier, Inc. Since 1969, World Courier has set the standard for speed, reliability and personalized service within the transportation industry.

Thirty years of advances in technology have changed the way the world does business. Today speed of delivery is no longer the only consideration. Temperature control. Specialized packaging. Multi-centre coordination. Just-in-time logistical supply chain solutions. Enhanced computer and information requirements. Together these criteria have changed the very essence of our industry.

While we, at World Courier, have continually changed to meet today's challenges, we remain the only company in the world dedicated to treating each and every shipment on an individual, priority basis. World Courier is also the only courier company able to consistently deliver customized solutions and value-added services in key markets such as the bio-medical, automotive and high-tech industries.