Newsletter | November 23, 2022

11.23.22 -- Using An Integrated Approach For Technology Transfers And Scale-Up

Strategies For Flexible Manufacturing

Custom-designed equipment and suites, flexible manufacturing lines, and alternative delivery and manufacturing approaches are critical to achieving a timely launch in a competitive marketplace.

A Roadmap For Early Development To Commercial Manufacturing

Industry experts present key considerations when planning for scale-up of a development program, real-life examples illustrating issues that resulted in ineffective technology transfers, and strategies that can be employed to overcome these issues.

Principles Of Raman Spectroscopy And Its Application To Pharma Development

Learn how Raman spectroscopy is used to analyze a chemical compound’s structure and about an example of how this technique is used to analyze amorphous material created through hot-melt extrusion.

Better Treatments By Design: Optimal Dose Development And Manufacturing

We understand stakeholder needs and match them to the widest array of drug delivery solutions to give your therapy the best potential for success on the path from Phase II through scale-up and commercial supply.

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