White Paper

2013 Supply Chain ISAC Report Of Cargo Theft Activity


The Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center’s (SC-ISAC) primary mission is to facilitate communication among supply chain dependent industry stakeholders in order to help secure the global supply chain. Towards this end, the SC-ISAC has created a trusted community of manufacturers, shippers, distributors, consignees, law enforcement and insurance entities, where critical information impacting the supply chain is shared.

The SC-ISAC collects information from our membership and various public sources on supply chain disruptions. The information of cargo theft –related incidents, including initial notification and updates to investigations are published once or twice weekly. Fraudulent activity, including carrier identity theft and seized counterfeit goods are also included in the bulletins to heighten the awareness amongst the membership of these types of crimes. The SC-ISAC also publishes scheduled training events and industry seminars throughout North America to further enhance the knowledge and skills of our membership as well as foster relationships between public and private sectors.