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07.10.24 -- Select Your CDMO Based On How You Operate


Building upon 30+ years of experience in Highly Potent API (HPAPI) and complex API production with continued investment and capacity expansion, MilliporeSigma is an industry leader and reliable CDMO partner with the expertise and capabilities to tackle the unique challenges of these powerful compounds and the most intricate and potent API projects. The Madison/Verona site is one of the first facilities to receive SafeBridge® certification and the world's largest single-digit nanogram OEL containment facility. More.


Select Your CDMO Based On How You Operate

“We tell them up front we will be hands on. That's a good way to pick the right partners. In other words, we select and view our CDMOs based on the way we operate," explains BlueSphere Bio CEO Keir Loiacono. With a background as an attorney, it's an interesting outsourcing operations indeed.

You Need A Gap Analysis Before Outsourcing

Vincent Kosewski, VP at Kala Pharmaceuticals, believes there’s a gap when it comes to biotechs performing the necessary gap analysis before initiating outsourcing activities.


Are Drugs Becoming More Lipophilic Over Time?

Get a deeper look into how drug lipophilicity has evolved over time, its impact on drug development, and the need for new technology to enable new more complex drugs.

3 Key Considerations When Choosing A Partner For Your Tech Transfer

One way to streamline tech transfer is to partner with a CMO demonstrating a proven track record across the entire drug development and manufacturing continuum.

Selection And Encapsulation Of Capsules For Dry Powder Inhalation

Dry powder capsules offer a compact, portable means for patients to receive treatment. Examine the challenges of dry powder formulation and unlock the potential of high-dose inhaled medications.

Extracellular Vesicles: Engineering New Therapeutic Delivery Modalities

Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) are emerging as promising natural nano-scale platforms for delivering nucleic acids, proteins, and small molecules due to their immune silencing properties.


Ophthalmic drug delivery has gained significant attention because of its potential to deliver drugs directly to the eye without systemic exposure. However, the eye presents unique challenges because of its complex anatomical structure and the presence of various protective barriers. Consider the challenges to effective delivery of drugs to the eye, delve into the intricacies of ophthalmic drug delivery, and consider the advantages of nanoparticles as an enabling technology for ocular drug-delivery systems (DDS).


API And Intermediates

Pfizer CentreOne has been delivering API and customer confidence for over 50 years. From farm to factory, raw ingredient to API, we can secure a safer supply chain, highest quality API, regulatory support, and transparent timelines.

Pharmaceutical Preformulation Support Services

Natoli scientific has expertise handling a wide range of APIs for the development of oral solids. Our scientific expertise with state-of-the-art analytical capabilities is ready to take any preformulation challenge.

Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing

We provide cGMP manufacturing services that scale with your development and approval milestones, ensuring a seamless transition from clinical to commercial supply.


Find Your New CDMO At Outsourced Pharma Capacity Update

CDMOs in biologics, cell and gene, and small molecule share their capabilities and available capacities. See for yourself why this virtual event has become a wildly popular resource to identify options for your development and manufacturing needs.

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