Raising The Bar On Microbial Expression And Manufacturability

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KBI uses an early optimization workflow to ensure manufacturing success. As a result, more molecules are manufactured using an E. Coli expression system than ever before.

The Right E. Coli Manufacturing Process Starts With Early Screening And Optimization.

Ahead of upstream process development, KBI focuses on microfermentation screening for microbial cell line development (CLD) to yield consistent, high titers across strains and molecules. At KBI, our years of vertical process integration knowledge and data can allow us to scale directly into 10L stainless steel or 30L single-use systems.

  • E. Coli Expression
  • High Titer (> 5g/L)
  • Optimized CLD
  • State-of-the-Art IP

Pushing The Envelope On Efficiencies With Trusted Microbial CDMO Services.

On average, KBI can generate a scalable process aimed at recombinant protein expression of >5 g/L in 2 months.

The Core Of CLD And Microbial Optimization
Is The Right Host Strain-Plasmid Combination

KBI Biopharma uses a streamlined process to shift from microfermentation to our largest working volumes. Our CLD expertise paired with our cutting-edge optimization improves throughput and shortens timelines. During this process, titers can be proportionally and accurately measured at very small volumes to identify a strain-plasmid combination that yields an optimized cell line.

  • Leveraging 10+ years of E. coli-based production and industry-leading microbial expertise
  • Optimized CLD for secreted antibody fragments (FABs), inclusion bodies (IBs), and soluble intracellular molecules
  • Heightened focus on screening scalable fermentation conditions
  • Innovative workflows leveraging high-throughput robotics and microfermentation technologies
  • State-of-the-art IP around our cell development and scalable processes
  • Built for small- and large-scale cGMP manufacturing
  • FDA/EMA Inspected Facilities
  • Well-versed in first-in-human (FIH) studies, late-stage manufacturing, and commercialization

We quickly develop robust, scalable protein manufacturing processes through in silico protein analysis, combined with wet lab IP and industry-leading screening workflows.