04.05.22 -- Process Intensification Strategies To Maximize Productivity And Efficiency

Source: Cytiva
Find The Right Intensification Strategy For Your Upstream And Downstream Processes

How do you know if an intensification approach will provide advantages? Three process intensification experts show how different intensification approaches affect outputs using different scenarios.

Strategies And Emerging Technologies For mAb Capture

Explore opportunities with the introduction of high-capacity protein A resins, how and when multicolumn chromatography is beneficial, and how emerging technologies can address bottlenecks.

Introduce N-1 Perfusion To Intensify The Seed Train At Higher Starting Density

A high-density N-1 seed culture can improve your fed-batch process by allowing you to seed the production (N) bioreactor at a higher starting density or to replace a large N-1 bioreactor.

Intensified Chromatography Strategies

With a newer toolbox of options to intensify downstream manufacturing operations, it is important to understand what factors should impact decisions regarding the implementation of these solutions.

Process Intensifier App from Cytiva

Finding the right solution for intensifying your upstream and downstream processes is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Enter your parameters into our app to find the solution that fits your goals.
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