Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging Services: Capacity


Hard work is just part of the Ropack Pharma Solutions ethos, and we prove it daily through our output: high-capacity turnover that does not compromise our quality or excellence. We provide ample capacity and bring agility, efficiency and gold-standard technology to the manufacturing and packaging of solid oral dosage forms for clinical and commercial pharmaceutical applications and commercial nutraceuticals.

Blister Manufacturing Capacity: Regular Blisters using PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/PE/PVDC, Aclar Rx, Aclar VA7300, and cold formed (using aluminum/aluminum).Total capacity: 90MM; Current capacity: 46MM

Bottling Filling Capacity: Powders, tablets and capsules in HDPE, PET or glass bottles with induction seals, permaseals, child-resistant or senior-friendly caps. Total capacity: 26MM with an additional 3MM planned for 2017.

Flip-Top Vial Capacity: Total capacity: 12MM; Current capacity: 4MM.

Sachet Filling Capacity: powder, liquids and tablets. Total capacity: 40M; Current capacity: 21.5MM.

Capsule Filling Capacity: Encapsulation and over-encapsulation. Two Zanasi @ 40k/hour. Approximately 171MM/year.

Stick-pack Filling Capacity: Total capacity: 195MM; Current capacity: 141MM.

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