Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging and Storage

Source: WellSpring Pharma Services

Pharmaceutical Contract Packaging and Storage

WellSpring Pharma offers primary and secondary packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products. This includes glass or plastic bottles, PVC/foil blisters, plastic or metal tubes, plastic jars, and child-resistant bottles.

When it comes to material packaging for clinical trials, WellSpring also offers blinded patient kit assembly, bottle filling, blister carding, liquid filling, tube and jar filling, and comparator procurement. They also offer returned investigational site medication reconciliation services, and they can also properly and safely destroy returned study medications.

Storage and reconciliation solutions are made possible through GMP-validated areas, a clinical pharmacy, refrigerators, freezers, and incubators, the segregation of returned pharmaceutical goods (storage, reconciliation, and destruction), a level 8 narcotics vault, inventory management solutions, and a fully documented reconciliation program.

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