Article | April 24, 2014

Patient Demand, Vaccines, And Drug Delivery: Q&A With Steve Wick Of 3M Drug Delivery Systems

Source: 3M Drug Delivery Systems Division

By Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, Clinical Leader
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New technologies are changing the drug delivery approaches used for both small and large molecule manufacturers. Additionally, the more empowered patient is causing many pharma companies to re-evaluate their drug delivery strategies. We spoke with Steve Wick, Senior Technical Director for 3M Drug Delivery Systems, about these topics as well as how the drug delivery landscape might change over the next 5 to 10 years.  

What technologies are currently changing drug delivery approaches for small molecules? For large molecules? How will these advances impact the pharmaceutical industry?

For small molecules specifically, I believe that we will see two different trends in drug delivery. The first will be toward the targeting of drug delivery through the use of technology such as nanoparticles or even aptamers.  These drug delivery technologies will allow for targeting of specific tissue types or cells where the drug can then elicit a more efficacious or therapeutic response.