Newsletter | November 20, 2023

11.20.23 -- Outsourced Pharma Biologics Outsourcing Webinars

Readers of Life Science Connect communities tell us that our webinars are helpful, informative, and serve as valuable tools for evaluating solutions and suppliers. Below are just a few of the recent Biologics Outsourcing webinars that have taken place on Outsourced Pharma.


Development And Scale-Up Of Insoluble, Microbially Expressed Biologics

Delve into the use of inclusion bodies within biopharmaceutical production, which are now gaining attention for their potential in producing a range of difficult to express proteins in E. coli systems.

Drug Product Process Characterization For Liquid And Lyophilized DP

Explore some of the most important initial steps to consider and implement during the process design phase, which is a pre-requisite to a successful PPQ campaign and readiness for commercial manufacturing.

Bridging The Gap Between mAbs And Next-Generation Therapeutics

Review the Apollo™ X expression system's ability to express bispecific and Fc-fusion molecules efficiently through a streamlined development process.

Accelerate Your ADC Journey: Filling The Need For Integrated Bioconjugate Solutions

Explore how the ADC landscape is being reshaped by new drug product capabilities that enable end-to-end development and manufacturing of cytotoxic bioconjugates.