Brochure | January 3, 2014

OSO Biopharmaceuticals Capabilities Overview

Source: OSO BioPharmaceuticals Manufacturing, LLC
  • OSOBio is a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) that focuses on biologic and pharmaceutical injectable finished drug products- (sterile liquid, liquid suspension and lyophilized formulations)
  • Located in North central Albuquerque, NM
  • OSOBio has significant experience and knowledge, especially for late phase and commercial products. In tha history of our New Mexico facility, we have produced more than 250 distinct commercial presentations.
  • The site has demonstrated the ability to handle virtually any category* of biological or pharmaceutical product, specializing in difficult and complex products, including potent compounds, proteins, and monoclonal antidodies.
  • OSOBio has an excellent compliance record with approvals from almost every major global regulatory agency.
  • OSOBio is well positioned financially with a solid and diverse customer base and the backing of a strong ownership group