Newsletter | March 16, 2023

03.16.23 -- Navigating Early Drug Development To Commercial Manufacturing

Strategies For Flexible Manufacturing

Custom-designed equipment and suites, flexible manufacturing lines, and alternative delivery and manufacturing approaches are critical to achieving a timely launch in a competitive marketplace.

A Roadmap For Early Development To Commercial Manufacturing

In this webinar, industry experts present key considerations when planning for scale-up of a development program, real-life examples to illustrate issues that have resulted in ineffective technology transfers, and strategies that can be employed to overcome these issues. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls in the transfer and scale-up process using an integrated approach.

Innovative Softgel Technologies To Deliver Poorly Soluble Molecules

Discover how to expedite the development pathway for early phase compounds, how lipid-based formulations provide an innovative approach to enhance bioavailability for challenging molecules, and how the lipid-based delivery provides a tool for highly potent, poorly soluble, and unstable APIs.

Zydis Fast Dissolve Technologies: Effective Dose Forms For Pediatric Health

Zydis fast dissolve formulations are excellent solutions for improving pediatric medication and are proven to enhance product performance and patient outcomes through extremely rapid dispersion in the mouth and the smooth, pleasant taste.

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