Newsletter | February 8, 2024

02.08.24 -- Listen Now: Allogeneic Drivers In 2024, Building A Biotech Hub, Multimodal R&D and more!



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The Business Of Biotech Newsletter

There’s nothing pretentious here. Just real, honest, transparent interactions with the leaders of emerging biotechs. Conversations about who they are, what they do, and why they do it. About what they’re building, what they’re tackling, and where they’re going from here. It only comes around once a month, but its contents are evergreen.


Business of Biotech Podcast

Art Of The Pivot With Elevation Oncology's Joe Ferra

Relatively new CEO Joseph Ferra has orchestrated some pretty significant changes at Elevation Oncology in the two(ish) years since Business of Biotech last hosted the company. In that short time, Ferra advanced from CFO to CEO, a move that aligned very closely with the company's difficult decision to shelve the late Phase 2 anti-HER3 monoclonal antibody candidate it was founded on. 

Building A Biotech Hub With Intellia Therapeutics' John Leonard, MD

In this episode, John Leonard, MD, longtime CEO at Intellia Therapeutics, shares the foundational elements of a biotech community, particularly around rapidly advancing technologies such as CRISPR, and what biotech ecosystems offer emerging biotechs in terms of resources, intellectual property, and support.

Multimodal R&D Management With Incyte's Jim Lee, MD, Ph.D.

Success at multimodal, multi-indication, deep-pipelined Incyte — where commercial operations are as familiar as prediscovery activity is — begins at the earliest opportunity to achieve research and discovery efficiencies.

Biotech Is Back With Allan Shaw

The Business of Biotech podcast took a trip to San Francisco for the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, that most target-richest of environments for those of us who like talking shop with biotech builders. The results of that trip will feed the next several weeks of Business of Biotech podcast programming, and we kicked things off with everyone's favorite life sciences CFO, Allan Shaw. 


Cell and Gene podcast

Breaking Down Solid Tumors With Triumvira Immunologics' Dr. Paul Lammers

In this episode, Paul Lammers, MD, M.Sc., CEO of Triumvira Immunologics, discusses TAC, the company's proprietary T-cell antigen coupler, which has both autologous and allogeneic approaches. Also covered is targeting relapsed or refractory HER2-positive solid tumors and CLDN18.2-positive solid tumors, in addition to a realistic outlook on the evolution of cancer treatment.

Pricing, Value, And Access Of CGTs With The Dedham Group's Jennifer Klarer, M.Sc.Eng.

The Dedham Group's Jennifer Klarer, M.Sc.Eng., partner and head of cell and gene therapy, provides a deep dive into pricing and value for CGTs. Klarer shares a detailed breakdown of the most misunderstood aspects of cell and gene therapy pricing, value, and affordability. She details how manufacturers can get ahead of addressing time-to-treatment issues typically experienced at launch. They cover obtaining adequate investment dollars, and much more.