News | November 18, 2020

Lantern Pharma Announces Milestone Of 1 Billion Data Points On Its Proprietary AI-Platform, Furthering Its Oncology Drug Research And Development

The achievement by Lantern Pharma will allow the company to work more efficiently by helping to reduce cost, time, and risk associated in developing new drug therapies

Lantern Pharma Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company using its proprietary artificial intelligence (“A.I.”) platform, RADR , to transform oncology drug discovery and development, today announced it has reached a significant milestone by surpassing one billion curated data points on its RADR platform, a total it believes is the most amassed by any company in the biotech sector. The milestone, which was reached well ahead of schedule, enables new opportunities in Lantern’s work to identify and suggest combination cancer therapy programs, and the ability to compare and contrast biomarker signatures generated by a variety of machine learning algorithms.

The significance of one billion data points provides Lantern Pharma the opportunity to transform the pace, risk, and cost of oncology drug discovery and development. Current failure rates and prolonged processes have led to high developmental costs that are not sustainable for cancer patients. Utilizing the RADR platform, one billion data points brings real-world oncology data together with large-scale biomarker analytics to establish a sustainable route in oncology drug development.

The one billion data points are composed of genomic, transcriptomic and drug sensitivity data points that have been curated from both Lantern’s internal studies as well as relevant published studies and cancer datasets. These data points collected on the RADR platform allow Lantern to predict combinations of drugs that can be used together, such as Lantern's pipeline of drug therapies, an existing drug already on the market, or an existing drug with a new type of compound that can improve efficacy in cancer patients.

“Since our IPO in June, our proprietary RADR platform has quadrupled its collection of curated data points and allowed us to meet our goal a year ahead of schedule,” said Panna Sharma, CEO of Lantern Pharma. “Our growing A.I. platform will be pivotal in uncovering potential new therapeutic opportunities and developing insights into the creation of combination-therapy programs.”

Achieving more than one billion data points in RADR enables Lantern to reduce the timeline in identifying new cancer therapies and in discovering how existing compounds can be aimed at the right subtypes of cancer. This is a process that can typically take years, but now, with large scale data and powerful new algorithms this process can be cut down to weeks. The growth in data points also positions Lantern for increased research activity in key cancer indications that the company is pursuing, including glioblastoma, lung cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and most recently, ovarian cancer. In fact, RADR is already beginning to predict how Lantern’s drugs will work with these types of cancer. The one billion, and counting, data points have saved months of time for Lantern’s team in understanding how their targeted therapies could be used with cancer patients.

The RADR platform has already provided Lantern with their three current drug compounds as well, where genomics and data-driven methods have been used to refine and accelerate the development process. These include: LP-100 in a Phase 2 trial for the treatment of metastatic, hormone-refractory prostate cancer (MHRPC) which is partnered with an European biotech; LP-300 which is preparing to enter into a Phase 2 trial for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) as a combination therapy; and LP-184 which is in preclinical development for genomically-defined cancers, including prostate, pancreatic and glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

Partnerships with leading academic and cancer research centers, including Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia and Georgetown University in Washington D.C, have advanced Lantern’s RADR platform by providing data and identifying the patient groups likely to benefit from these therapies.

About Lantern Pharma
Lantern Pharma (LTRN) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company innovating the repurposing, revitalization and development of precision therapeutics in oncology. We leverage advances in machine learning, genomics, and artificial intelligence by using a proprietary A.I. platform to discover biomarker signatures that help identify patients more likely to respond to our pipeline of cancer therapeutics. Lantern’s focus is to improve the outcome for patients by leveraging our technology to uncover, rescue and develop abandoned or failed drugs. Our current pipeline of three drugs, with two programs in clinical stages and two in preclinical, focuses on cancers that have unique and unmet clinical needs with a clearly defined patient population. We believe that the use of machine learning, genomics and computational methods can help accelerate the revitalization, refocusing and development of small molecule-based therapies. By targeting drugs to patients whose genomic profile identifies them as having the highest probability of benefiting from the drug, this approach represents the potential to deliver best-in-class outcomes. Our team seeks out experienced industry partners, world-class scientific advisors, and innovative clinical-regulatory approaches to assist in delivering cancer therapies to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible. For more information, visit

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