Integrated Drug Discovery

Source: LAXAI

Finding a partner with integrated services is crucial for accelerating timelines and accessing solutions with comprehensive expertise, all while removing risk from the drug product lifecycle.

LAXAI allows seamless integration from target validation to pre-clinical candidate selection under one roof across multiple therapeutic areas. We offer our clients a wide range of customized integrated drug discovery and development solutions, with core expertise in medicinal chemistry further augmented by pre-clinical services like in-vitro/in-vivo biology, DMPK, and toxicology. We have delivered several pre-clinical/clinical for various indications to our collaborators.

At LAXAI, we offer a range of drug discovery and development services to support the drug discovery process:

Target identification and validation: We identify and validate biological targets relevant to a specific disease or pathology of interest. This may involve using computational methods or experimental assays to screen large databases of genetic, biochemical, or pharmacological data.

Hit identification and optimization: We identify and optimize small molecule compounds or initial hits interacting with the target protein. This combines virtual, high-throughput screening (biochemical/ enzymatic and cell-based) and medicinal chemistry approaches.

Lead optimization: We optimize the most promising lead candidates through iterative chemical synthesis, biological testing, and computational modeling cycles to establish additive SAR (structure-activity relationship). The lead optimization process improves drug-like properties (safety, efficacy, and pharmacokinetics) following the Design Make Test Analyze (DMAT) approach.

Pre-clinical and clinical development: We provide support for pre-clinical and clinical development of the drug candidate, including pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, formulation development, toxicology testing, and supply of clinical trial material.

Our team can also collaborate and coordinate with clinical research organizations (CROs) to conduct clinical trials.

Regulatory support: We help navigate the regulatory landscape and ensure compliance with drug development and approval requirements such as regulatory submissions and interacting with regulatory agencies.

Infrastructure and Instrumentation: