Case Study

How DSC Helped DowBrands Achieve Cost Efficiency And Exceed All Other Goals

Trust, teamwork and innovative technology characterize this joint venture

It’s amazing what can happen when you forge a true partnership with a company you can trust.

While developing a new manufacturing technology, DowBrands wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to enhance their supply chain capabilities. The company’s goal was to dramatically reduce their finished goods distribution costs in conjunction with introducing state-of-the-art "liquid fill" technology into the finished goods production. Their plan: a new manufacturing plant to handle the new technology tightly integrated with a new distribution center utilizing Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) technology…all on the same site.

Because of the highly confidential nature of this technology and site development, it was essential for DowBrands to have a partner whose integrity they could depend on. So, they turned to long-time business partner, DSC Logistics, without seeking bids from anyone else. DSC’s substantial commitment of dedicated resources and expertise made it possible for DSC and DowBrands to design the integrated manufacturing plant and distribution center, evaluate multiple sites and implement the selected plan…in just 15 months.

The joint cross-functional team, committed to finding the best solution operationally and financially, took an open-minded and forward-thinking approach, not tied to the processes and methods of the past or to individual company positions. In fact, in meetings it was frequently difficult to tell who worked for which company.

The partnership resulted in innovations like the integration of production and warehouse inventory management systems, the integration of ASRS technology with DSC’s Warehouse Management System, and the use of DSC’s inventory management system to manage DowBrands’ inbound raw and packaging materials.

As a result of this culture of collaboration, the Logistics Center came in under budget within the first full year and exceeded all other goals set, including attendance, turnover, productivity and safety. Plus, the location selected permitted DowBrands to support 60% of its customers from this site, reducing order cycle time.

Just shows you what can be accomplished with the right partner…DSC Logistics.

At DSC, our mission is to help customers reach their business goals. To do that, we are happy to adapt our systems and processes to meet changing needs. When a valued customer develops new products, opens new markets or explores new directions, we are excited by the opportunities those changes present. Through communication and collaboration, we can design and implement strategies and solutions that can help take them anywhere they want to go!

DSC Logistics achieves customer business goals through the management of change and information in the supply chain.