News | March 26, 2024

Exothera Pledges To Fast-Track RNA Therapies With Expansion Of World-First Continuous-Batch RNA Manufacturing Solution Into North America

Game-changing continuous-batch production of RNA service removes process development and scale-up steps through automation and significantly cuts clinical development time, while enhancing quality and yield

Belgium-headquartered Exothera, a leading provider of nucleic acids and viral vector development and manufacturing services, has launched its game-changing nucleic acids service offering, powered by the world’s first continuous-batch RNA production platform, Ntensify. Developed by Exothera sister company Quantoom Biosciences, the Ntensify platform fast-tracks the production of higher quality and more cost-effective RNA therapeutics, delivering significant advantages at both small and large scale. It is also now available to biopharma companies in North America for the first time as Exothera expands its reach beyond Europe.

Ntensify is an all-in-one manufacturing platform for RNA production, offering a seamless transition from clinical to commercial-scale manufacturing, without the need for process development or scale-up. Unlike traditional methods, which often require extensive process optimization and scaling efforts, Ntensify ensures consistent quality and yield throughout the entire production process. This is achieved by leveraging automation and standardization, minimizing user handling to mitigate variability. Ultimately, the platform streamlines RNA product progress, cutting typical clinical production timelines by approximately half when compared to traditional manufacturing processes and reducing overall costs.

Exothera’s partnership with Quantoom Biosciences grants clients access to the Ntensify platform, empowering biopharma companies to accelerate their nucleic acid-based therapy development programs with confidence. Biopharma innovators partnering with Exothera can access this leading-edge technology and the expertise of its experienced scientists all under one roof.

“The biopharma industry is suffering from a lack of innovative manufacturing approaches, expertise gaps and quality challenges. This keeps costs high and slows the development of groundbreaking nucleic acid-based therapies from reaching patients that need them,” said Thibault Jonckheere, CEO of Exothera. “As a specialist CDMO dedicated to viral vector and RNA production, we are excited to be the first to give the industry access to game-changing continuous-batch RNA production. We provide the leading-edge technology, experienced team, and flexible partnership required for

biopharma companies and academic researchers of all sizes, and at all stages of their drug development journey, to confidently innovate and realize their vision.”

José Castillo, CEO of Quantoom Biosciences and Univercells Co-Founder, said: “The Ntensify platform represents a significant breakthrough in RNA production technology. Our platform addresses the key challenges faced by the biopharma industry, including speed, scalability, yield, and cost, all while increasing quality. We are excited to partner with Exothera to make this technology available to companies developing nucleic acid-based therapies.”

The Ntensify platform has broad applications across the biopharma industry, from vaccines to personalized cancer therapeutics. Exothera intends to leverage the platform to deliver high-quality, scalable solutions for nucleic acid-based therapy development and manufacturing, helping its customers make life-changing therapies available to all. Exothera has expanded its unique offer into North America, establishing a new site in Andover, Massachusetts.

Source: Exothera