Drug Product Contract Manufacturing

Source: AbbVie

Whether you’re developing a new chemical entity or a first-to-market generic, precise dosing and drug delivery is vital for success. Regulatory agencies and clinicians want to see well-characterized, reliable doses with good bioavailability. Patients/consumers often favor a controlled release dosage form, with easy-to-use packaging and taste-free consumption. Drug developers increasingly need to deliver on all these fronts and more, without compromising speed-to-market, in order to manage a successful pharmaceutical program. Direct benefits of pharmaceutical outsourcing and contract manufacturing allows developers to access both state-of-the-art technology and accelerate your time to market.

With a network of experts, supply chains and seven facilities across North America and Europe, AbbVie Contract Manufacturing can extend your capabilities, efficiency and reach.  Our pharma contract manufacturing services support material procurement, process optimization, formulation, validation and analytics testing. 


AbbVie Contract Manufacturing works to optimize your drug product manufacturing at every phase and scale. Our expert scientific team excels at standard drug dosage and delivery systems, while finding innovative manufacturing solutions for more challenging compounds. We understand acute and ongoing commercialization pressures and work to build sustainable, customized pharmaceutical manufacturing processes for your small molecule.

AbbVie remains one of the most trusted pharma contract manufacturing companies operating today, with a reputation for reliability, quality and productivity.


AbbVie’s pharma contract manufacturing team adds a multitude of formulation options, including reliable production of controlled release dosage forms.