Brochure | October 11, 2018

Drug Development: Strategies And Solutions

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Drug Development: Strategies And Solutions

Whether your company is built on a single molecule or you’re a global pharmaceutical leader, you need fast, cost-effective, and scientifically-based insights during early-phase development. Thermo Fisher Scientific can provide you with customized early development strategies and technical solutions leveraging our years of experience and deep technical expertise in solving complex development challenges.

A unique approach for getting solubility right the first time. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific's proprietary computational modeling program, Quadrant 2®, analyzes your compound’s specific molecular structure and chemical characteristics, in combination with your unique target product profile. Using your compound’s individualized data, Quadrant 2® can predict the most promising solubility enhancement technology and excipient combination to meet your clinical and business objectives, at the earliest stages of development. This exclusive, scientifically-based algorithm eliminates solubility enhancement options that are unlikely to yield benefits for your program, dramatically reducing time and investment often wasted on trial and error experimentation. What’s more, the customized insights you’ll get from Quadrant 2® can help you avoid the risk of having to revise your solubility enhancement approach after Proof of Concept – a costly pitfall that can require up to 12 months of added time and incur additional costs in the range of $500,000 to $600,000.