Contracts And Legal


We manage all aspects of contract and template development, alternative language and budget parameter development, contract negotiations and execution, as well as investigator grant payment administration and patient reimbursement.


  • Sponsor, vendor, and site agreements and payment schedule, template development, and negotiations:
    • CDAs, MSAs, and Vendor Agreements
    • Clinical Trial Agreements (e.g., Masters, Work Orders and Amendments)
    • Ancillary agreements (e.g., laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, coordinating investigator, letters of indemnification, IDMC, clinical supplies)
  • Alternative language and budget parameter development:
    • Initial fallback language/updated as negotiations progress based on trending
    • Budget deviation ranges based on Fair Market Value
  • Agreement and budget tracking
  • Transparent communications
  • Execution and filing
  • Act as an extension of the Sponsor’s legal/contracts department(s)