Contract Manufacturing


Samsung Biologics is a reliable partner for seamless tech transfers, clinical and commercial manufacturing, aseptic fill/finish, and analytical testing. Committed to partnership, you will have a dedicated project management team walking you through your product’s entire development and manufacturing journey. We are committed to operational excellence in cGMP manufacturing and quality assurance.

Clinical Production
Early clinical material production involves a number of risks and uncertainties. We are committed to provide precisely tailored solutions to mitigate such risk, with our strong drug development capability and flexible capacities.

Commercial Production
The market dynamics of rising competition in biologics require drug developers to devote considerable efforts to be more methodical and cost-effective in manufacturing. Samsung Biologics is able to achieve fast turnaround with economy of scale to deliver high-quality products to market, on time.

Aseptic Filling
Sterile filling is one of the most critical steps in the drug manufacturing process relative to overall patient and product safety. Our clinical and commercial fill/finish services ensure you are consistently supplied with the highest possible quality, everytime, all the time.