Contract Encapsulation Services - Oral Solid Dose

Contract Encapsulation Services

Ropack Pharma Solution’s ample, nimble capacity and validated processes bring quality and reliability to encapsulation.

  • Two Zanasi encapsulation machines @ 40K/hr
  • Total capacity: 305MM/yr.
  • Available capacity: 160MM/yr.
  • Eight-step encapsulation process
  • Capsule size range: 3 to 00
  • Low RH and temperature control for maximum product protection
  • Class 100000 production environment, inspected by FDA and Health Canada

Ropack Pharma Solutions is committed to be your trusted manufacturing and packaging partner. Outsource your pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products to us with confidence.

  • A unique International Serialization Hub
  • 400+ cGMP cold storage locations
  • cGMP-compliant facilities totaling more than 241,000 sq. ft.
  • Temperature- and humidity-controlled facilities
  • Three level 9 security vaults with biometric access for controlled substances
  • Controlled substance management
  • Dedicated project manager