Webinar | March 29, 2022

Build Vs. Buy: When To Outsource Protein Biologics Development And Manufacturing

Drug development and manufacturing tasks are complex, and pharmaceutical companies often prefer to keep the process entirely in-house. But doing this is not always the best solution, and even the largest of developers are faced with a lack of internal resources to help bring a product to market timely. In these instances, companies have two options: making/building additional resources in-house or outsourcing to a contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) with expertise in process development and manufacturing. While this is not a new scenario for the life sciences industry, the factors around how companies should decide when to reach out to a CDMO change each year and have become even more complex thanks to the global supply chain shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this webinar, learn about elements impacting the make/build vs. buy decision in 2022 and the aspects that companies should examine when evaluating their options. Explore the lesser-known issues companies don’t consider when making this decision that can cost them millions of dollars in operating expenses and revenue. Discover insights into what market factors impact the Make vs. Buy decision in 2022 and best practices for evaluating and navigating this important decision.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What’s happening within the industry that impacts the ability to build or buy in 2022
  • How to navigate the Make vs. Buy decision as a company
  • Best practices for reaching out to a CDMO when you need their expertise
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