White Paper

Bioavailability Enhancement: The Key To Unlocking The Potential Of Drug Development Pipelines

Source: CoreRX, Inc.

By Brian McMillan, M.S.Pharm., VP Product Development, CoreRx

After a series of scientific breakthroughs the pharmaceutical industry is edging closer to developing treatments for many devastating diseases. But the newfound optimism is off set by a big, common barrier: bioavailability. With as much as 95% of the drug development pipeline suffering from low solubility or permeability, the conversion of cutting-edge science into life-saving treatments is wholly reliant on the advancement and application of bioavailability-enhancement techniques.

In this paper we look at the process CoreRx goes through when given an active ingredient with low bioavailability and four approaches that may be applied to increase the amount of the therapeutic that enters systemic circulation.