Guest Column

Benefits Of Blister Packaging For Emerging Markets


By Paul Dupont, Ropack, Inc.

Global research on the pharmaceutical packaging market indicates that blister packaging will continue its robust growth, projected through the remaining decade to trail bottling only slightly in market share. While mature markets, such as Europe and Asia, already accept blister packs as a preferred method – and with North America stepping up its blister usage – these markets, surprisingly, are not the driving force in blister’s growth. Instead, the increase is expected, in large part, to be spurred by the benefits blister packaging brings to emerging markets where product protection, patient compliance and the need for daily or weekly prescription dosage are often primary considerations.

Emerging countries offer a nearly untapped opportunity both for pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as packagers due to increasing populations, rising standards of living and improved access to prescription medications. Despite the opportunities, these markets also hold unique challenges. Blister packaging effectively addresses these challenges.