A Structured Approach To Enhancing Bioavailability For Early Development Phase Molecules

Source: Catalent

What are the factors that impede the drug development process? Drug development cost, lengthier development cycles, and identifying a suitable delivery platform were identified as the top three business challenges by formulation scientists and R&D managers in a recent survey.

Indeed, the extensive timeline to develop a drug is due to multitude of formulation challenges that formulation expert’s face. When it comes to solving these challenges, there have been significant advancements in drug development techniques to counter these challenges including bioavailability, stability, efficacy, manufacturability and safety.

Recent strides in drug development tools make them a great resource for formulation scientists but as the nature of the drug molecule becomes more complex, a single tool used in silo cannot solve all the challenges. For a very long time, drug development process had been linear in nature where the molecule moves from one stage to another. Even though the in-vivo, in-vitro or in-silico have advanced significantly in recent years, the R&D industry has become accustomed of applying tools depending on the stage of the drug delivery which results in a higher opportunity cost.

A technology platform which would bring all the drug development tools under the same umbrella would enable the selection of most stable and effective dosage form and greatly impact the product development timeline. This would ensure that each molecule gets the best chance to succeed. In a nutshell, an agile, parallel and cross-functional, from soup to nuts approach powered by a silo-free organization structure will help in bringing an effective dosage form faster to market.

This eBook is an attempt to further explore the feasibility of this approach and the tools and processes that can help materialize it.

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