Newsletter | July 9, 2024

07.09.24 -- A GSK Guide To Outsourcing Early-Stage Development


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A GSK Guide To Outsourcing Early-Stage Development

Ben Stevens of GSK documents his career, and highlights a stage in outsourcing we often overlook   key interactions between med-chem scientists and research biologists, and contract development and manufacturing providers (CDMOs).

Have We Got Novel Drug Production And Compliance Timelines All Wrong?

Drug developers might want to consider longer-term approaches to meeting manufacturing and regulatory requirements.


Advantages Of Cas9 mRNA For Gene Editing

Discover why Cas9 mRNA is the preferred choice for precise gene editing, offering efficient delivery, transient expression, and flexible targeting.

Scale-Up Allogeneic Cell Therapies To Large Patient Populations

Achieve your therapeutic and commercial goals by utilizing a tried-and-tested standardized approach combined with the latest technology and reliable analytics.

Optimizing And Scaling Lentiviral Vector Production

Review how the upstream and downstream workflows of a lentiviral vector platform were optimized through the use of design of experiments and supplementary studies.

Insights Into GMP Manufacturing Of RNA-LNP Drug Products

Explore considerations for manufacturing RNA-LNP drug products surrounding process and analytical development, automation, environmental monitoring, and collaborations.

Addressing Gaps In Cystic Fibrosis Treatment: Fixing Nonsense Mutations

Examine how the world’s largest and most diverse collection of novel RGNs and deaminases is increasing the potential for addressing the needs of CF patients with nonsense mutations.

CGT Development: Characterization Of Cellular Starting Material

Watch to gain valuable insights into the characterization of cellular source material for the development and manufacture of cell and gene therapy-based products.


UpTempo AAV Platform Process

Our AAV platform process is a scalable, cGMP-ready process for viral vector manufacturing that can reduce the current 18-20-month development timeline for drug product in half.

Seamless, End-To-End Cell & Gene Therapy CDMO

Explore our end-to-end, customer-centric CDMO services that are helping to bring more breakthrough treatments to patients.

Andelyn Biosciences Capacity Update May 2024: Cell & Gene Therapy

Learn how our proven methodology and decades-long AAV database at the core of the AAV Curator Platform directly drives speed, maximizes yields, and delivers a high-quality product.

Advancing Innovations For mRNA Medicine Pioneers

Translating mRNA sequence to a high-quality drug product presents a complex challenge. Learn how partnering with a single contract manufacturer can alleviate potential risks.


Find Your New CDMO At Outsourced Pharma Capacity Update

CDMOs in biologics, cell and gene, and small molecule share their capabilities and available capacities. See for yourself why this virtual event has become a wildly popular resource to identify options for your development and manufacturing needs.

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