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05.15.24 -- A Good Feeling ($$) About Contract Manufacturing


Outsourced Pharma Capacity Update covers the entire pharmaceutical product formulation, manufacturing, and packaging spectrum, emphasizing process development and GMP compliance. Explore innovative solutions from CDMOs with capacity during our new PARTNER WEEK for solid orals, liquid orals, semi-solid, and specialty dosage forms. Register today for the Small Molecule Finished Dosage Form session happening May 22nd.


A Good Feeling ($$) About Contract Manufacturing

Occasionally, we look at revenue numbers assigned to the collective activities we focus on at Outsourced Pharma: drug development and manufacturing outsourcing, and working with CDMOs. And we also can provide some pep talks, too.

Innovating Bioequivalence: A Novel Approach To Developing Complex Generic Dosage Forms

Achieving bioequivalence for complex generics is an intricate task. This article describes an approach using in vitro–in vivo correlation, PBMK modeling, and more.


Intranasal Drug Product Development — From Formulation To Scale-Up

Explore the advantages of intranasal drug delivery, including its potential to rapidly treat conditions like migraines and headaches, and deliver medications directly to the brain.

Reduce Costly Scale-Up Problems

Scaling a new drug formulation from development to manufacturing often presents challenges, but there are ways to minimize deviations and streamline your transition.

Identify And Mitigate Absorption Risks With PBPK Modeling

See how PBPK models combined with custom and off-the-shelf in vitro tools and solubility enhancement expertise can reduce the need for drug product reformulation or repeated preclinical or clinical studies.

Navigating OSD Formulation Development And Leveraging CDMO Expertise

Collaborating with an experienced CDMO can provide the expertise and facilities needed to navigate oral solid dose formulation complexities and ensure compliance with regulatory frameworks.



PBPK Predictive Modeling Services

Early identification of potential absorption risks is critical for rapid and efficient drug development. Lonza's PBPK modeling services are designed to de-risk your drug development program.


Find Your New CDMO At Outsourced Pharma Capacity Update

CDMOs in biologics, cell and gene, and small molecule share their capabilities and available capacities. See for yourself why this virtual event has become a wildly popular resource to identify options for your development and manufacturing needs.

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