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02.12.24 -- A Future Renaissance At Catalent? Employees Think So


A Future Renaissance At Catalent? Employees Think So

Re Monday's news of the purchase of Catalent by Novo Holdings, the seminal question we needed a more definitive answer to is: What specifically is planned for Catalent as a CDMO? Chief Editor Louis Garguilo got some answers. “Customers have been calling me continuously,” said one Catalent executive he spoke with. 

How To Use Precipitation, Not Protein A Chromatography, For mAb Capture

Protein A chromatography is a key bottleneck in mAb manufacturing. Precipitation, an early separation technique, has emerged as a ready solution for continuous manufacturing.


De-Risk And Streamline Your Drug Substance And Drug Product Testing

The key to navigating the biologic development journey lies in CMC. By analyzing and characterizing the drug's properties, CMC teams ensure a smooth path from bench to patient care.

Developing And Commercializing Efficient, Effective PEGylation Processes

The future of conjugation and PEGylation in biologics is promising, with advancements focused on enhancing drug efficacy and reducing immunogenicity. Understand the key focus areas for PEGylated proteins.

Innovations In ADC Technologies

Examine the drivers behind the recent successes in the clinic, current challenges with development and manufacturing, and what the future might hold for the ADC industry.

cGMP Compliance In A Growing Biologics Market

As biologics manufacturers aim for cGMP compliance, explore the challenges of incorporating cGMP standards and how to foster a culture of product quality throughout all levels of your organization.

Imaging Large Volume Subcutaneous Injections To Inform Clinical Design

New higher volume, higher viscosity pharmaceutical formulations for subcutaneous injection, alternatives to traditional intravenous treatment, enable chronic disease therapy in alternate settings.

Data-Driven Approach Optimizes Robust, Scalable Lyophilization Process

Selecting the right manufacturing partner with appropriate lyophilization expertise, experience, and analytical capabilities can speed drug development and expedite time-to-market for lyophilized drugs.


Why Choosing A Client-Centric CTDMO Is Critical In Biomanufacturing

Outsourcing to a CTDMO is a promising solution for companies lacking the technical expertise and in-house capacity to address biomanufacturing challenges. Learn why selecting the right CTDMO partner is vital for project success.

Container Closure Integrity Testing

Lonza’s Drug Product Services delivers a holistic approach to DP development that prevents problems early and produces a product that is fit for purpose.

Mammalian Biomanufacturing

Learn how a reliable and agile partner that enables seamless scalability and accelerated development can help you navigate the journey from research and development to clinical trials and beyond.


Find Your New CDMO At Outsourced Pharma Capacity Update

CDMOs in biologics, cell and gene, and small molecule share their capabilities and available capacities. See for yourself why this virtual event has become a wildly popular resource to identify options for your development and manufacturing needs.

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