• Doubling Down On Biopharma’s Growing Skills Drought

    The biopharmaceutical industry is building manufacturing capacity at breakneck speed. According to PhRMA, there are 1,580-and-counting biopharma manufacturing facilities in the U.S. alone. Problem is, we're way short on filling those facilities with skilled labor. NIIMBL wants to change that. Here's how, and a great opportunity for big pharma, biotech sponsors, CDMOs, academics, and more to help.

  • Legal And IP Protection For New Biotechs

    Want to ensure you've got your biotech legal, IP, and patent bases covered? Join Business of Biotech host Matt Pillar and BlueSphere Bio CEO and biotech legal expert Keir LoIacono on 11/13 for the live, interactive, and FREE digital event Legal And IP Protection For New Biotechs. 

  • Democratizing Biologics With Lumen Bioscience's Brian Finrow, J.D. & Craig Behnke, Ph.D.

    Lumen Bioscience's cofounder and CEO, Brian Finrow, J.D., and EVP of production/development, Craig Behnke, Ph.D., discuss the development of therapeutic proteins from readily available food algae spirulina. It's driving a diverse pipeline of candidates into the clinic, for indications reaching from the gut to the heart and lungs.

  • The Real Threat To Biopharma Supply Chains: Bioprocessing Materials

    The COVID-19 induced risk to biopharma is not a shortage of pharmaceutical ingredients. It’s the constricting supply of consumable materials and equipment necessary to produce therapies from them. Mike Piccarreta, Partner at Kearney, offers an outlook and practical advice on supply stabilization in this BioProcess Online exclusive. 

  • ILC Therapeutics’ Interferon Alpha 14 Joins The COVID-19 Fight

    The Glasgow-based emerging biopharma recently tapped veteran biotech leader Alan Walker as CEO as it moves ahead with two therapeutic candidates, an rIFN alpha14 focused on early-stage COVID-19 infection and a tick-derived Evasin targeting late-stage COVID-19 ARDS patients.

  • Does Gender Disparity In Biotech Really Matter?

    Why it does, and how one startup is winning the biotech talent wars with a diversity-centric strategy.


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