CDMO Leadership Awards

Presented by Outsourced Pharma

Supported by Life Science Leader
Research conducted by ISR Reports

A Strategic Tool For Companies Who Outsource

The vetting process for selecting outsourcing partners is time consuming and complex. To support the process, Life Science Leader and Outsourced Pharma developed the CDMO Leadership Awards in 2011. We think sponsor company opinions are important and credible — that’s why the awards are based on customer feedback. Winning CDMOs are chosen through impartial market research based on feedback from sponsor companies that utilize outsourcing services.

Primary market research by ISR Reports is the basis of the awards. Sponsors provide ratings of CDMOs based on recent outsourced projects. This experiential feedback is analyzed by sponsor company size to reveal leading CDMOs in different performance categories. For details on the research methodology, visit isrreports.com.

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