Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is a fully integrated contract development and manufacturing organization, with sites in Belgium, United States, Japan and India, providing comprehensive process development services, cGMP manufacturing and drug product fill finish services of small molecule and biologic APIs and intermediates. We offer a broad range of innovative platforms and capabilities to rapidly scale from clinical and pilot programs to commercial quantities, including: Corynex protein expression technology, oligonucleotide synthesis, antibody drug conjugations (ADC), high potency APIs (HPAPI), biocatalysis, continuous flow manufacturing and more. Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is dedicated to providing a high level of quality and service to meet our clients’ needs.

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services offers a range capabilities through its facilities around the world. Our facilities in Belgium, Japan, and India focus on conventional small molecule API and intermediate production.  The focus at our California, USA facility is on large molecule and ADC manufacturing and aseptic fill finish services. Our Osaka, Japan facilities focus on oligonucleotide synthesis.

Our expertise and extensive knowledge of international requirements help assure your product will meet the highest possible quality standards. Our goal is to deliver quality product and personalized service, while providing flexibility and guidance to help our clients achieve their goals in a timely and efficient, cost-effective manner.

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is a member of the Ajinomoto Group companies, a global company focused on the research, development, and manufacture of high quality products for the pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, and health & beauty industries, as well as food seasonings and consumer food products.


  • Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is a leading provider of biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing services. The company has expanded current capacity as well as component flexibility with the addition of a high speed multi-purpose fill finish line in its state-of-the-art commercial manufacturing facility located in San Diego, CA. In this presentation, Aji Bio-Pharma will discuss this expanded flexible aseptic fill finish capacity.

  • Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is a fully integrated contract development and manufacturing organization providing comprehensive development, cGMP manufacturing, and aseptic fill finish services for small and large molecule APIs and intermediates. In this presentation, Aji Bio-Pharma will discuss the capacity, expertise, and equipment available for drug substance and plasmid manufacturing for gene therapies.

  • Whether you are in the beginning research stages or ready to take your product to market, our scalable, high quality, and custom oligo and peptide solutions provide the quantities you need using the most reliable, robust, and cost-effective process available.

  • The production of your biotherapeutic deserves the reliability and peace of mind that only a trusted and experienced microbial fermentation partner can provide. Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is a recognized leader in recombinant protein, plasmid DNA, and critical raw material manufacturing for vaccine and gene therapy applications.

  • Consolidate your supply chain by having your packaging integrated with your product manufacturing.

  • We offer a unique range of formulation and aseptic filling in vials, prefilled syringes or cartridges to address production needs that span from small early stage clinical products to larger scale commercial products.

  • Whether it's a liquid or lyophilized product, we provide capacity, quality, and expertise to ensure a stable supply of your promising therapeutics.

  • The HANU, a new photo-flow reactor, provides better process control, less risk in hazardous chemistry, less solvent use, and is better for the environment.

  • Our fully contained and integrated OPTIMA line utilizes scan isolated barrier technology to ensure the required sterility for fill finish while offering flexibility to meet your cGMP, clinical, and commercial drug product manufacturing needs.

  • Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services is a leader in aseptic filling, offering a wide range of capabilities for vials with our OPTIMA 7000 fill line. The OPTIMA VFVM 7000 safely processes various types and classes of biopharmaceutical products in 2 mL to 100 mL sizes.

  • We offer a unique range of formulation and aseptic filling in vials, prefilled syringes, or cartridges to address production needs that span from small early stage clinical products to larger scale commercial products.

  • We provide therapeutic drug development and manufacturing services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. We have the power to make your therapeutic vision a reality — from pre-clinical through commercial production.

  • Examine the necessary development and manufacturing expertise required to seamlessly transition from the research to commercial stages to ensure the client’s project runs smoothly from the early to late stage of development.

  • Experts share the necessary development and manufacturing considerations for a smooth tech transfer, exploring these challenges in depth, and discuss the questions you should be asking your manufacturer.

  • With an increased demand for plasmids for targeted gene therapeutic delivery, partnering with a CDMO equipped with the capacity, expertise and equipment for plasmid DNA production is critical.

  • Tom Evans, MS, CMMS discusses the planning, resources, and capabilities necessary to effectively produce a client’s highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredient (HPAPI) therapeutic.

  • A clear increase in continuous flow processes has emerged over the past decade, thanks to the commercialization of preparative flow reactor units.


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