Download | March 11, 2021

Sterile Injectable Drug Product Manufacturing Market Overview And Outlook

ISR Report

This is a free market research report exclusive to our readers of Outsourced Pharma. It provides insight into how non-large biopharma companies are navigating the world of sterile injectable drug product manufacturing. Industry Standard Research originally surveyed a variety of respondents involved in the outsourcing of this type of manufacturing and learned that manufacturing practices, CMO use, and future plans vary by company size.

When a non-large biopharma company makes the decision to outsource, there is a spectrum of options. Which way do they lean and why? Several components drive CMO selection for this subset, such as a history of sterile injectable quality, project fit for facility, previous experience with a CMO, and of course, regulatory history.

With this report, non-large biopharma companies and service providers can learn industry practices, contract manufacturer usage patterns, and current and projected market dynamics. Key statistics include development-stage and marketed product volume, the proportion outsourced, the number of CMOs respondents work with, products by delivery format, and the likelihood of outsourcing based on delivery device. CMO perceptions, selection drivers, and motivators of satisfaction in outsourcing relationships are also explored. Drug innovators will discover how industry peers evaluate service providers and CMOs will determine if their capabilities and marketing messaging align with what buyers of outsourced manufacturing services regard as important.