Application Note

Purification Of GST-Tagged Protein Using ÄKTA™ Start

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

ÄKTA start is an easy-to-use, reliable protein purification system. In this application note it is described how Erica, a post-doctoral researcher, used ÄKTA start to purify GST-tagged protein using a predefined method template, a GSTrap FF column, and a Frac30 fraction collector. Affinity chromatography of tagged proteins is the most commonly used strategy for protein purification, and is an indispensable tool for Erica and researchers like her. She needs to purify glutathione S-transferase (GST)-tagged protein, as GST tags enable selective binding of target recombinant protein. GST tags also enhance solubility of the target protein and improve yield. However, the manual purification method Erica used was resulting in inconsistency in terms of purity and yield and was consuming too much of her time. She needed a reliable single-step purification method. Erica switched to AKTA start solution to automate the protein purification process in order to achieve reliable results and reproducibility across runs.