White Paper

Drug Safety And Product Protection Driving Blister Packaging Growth

Source: Ropack Pharma Solutions

By Paul Dupont, Ropack

Trends in packaging of prescription and over-the-counter drugs indicate continued growth in the blister packaging market. The U.S. blister market size reached $2.58 billion in 2013 and is projected to reach $3.44 billion by 2018. This escalation outpaces the growth of other packaging formats, principally bottling. While key factors driving that trend reflect the ongoing focus by manufacturers on drug safety and protection, others arise from the latest government regulations and the growing voice of the consumer.

A recent survey of pharmaceutical professionals, selected by an industry-focused media group, measured and compared buying behavior for blister vs. bottle pharmaceutical packaging. When asked to show a preference of blister over bottle, 44.7% showed a preference for blister by responding that they would “always” or “frequently” choose blister over bottle. On the other hand, 29.1% showed a preference for bottle packaging by saying they would “never” or “rarely” choose blister over bottle.