Convenience Vial Filling

Source: Jones Healthcare Group Packaging Services

End-To-End Vial Line Capabilities Deliver Reliable Speed to Market
End-user convenience continues to influence packaging as more consumers turn to smaller products that can be easily stored in travel bags, purses, or even gym bags. In the face of increasingly strict airline regulations, travelers are challenged by limitations in carry-on luggage contents.

Our fully integrated and validated packaging line fills travel-size plastic vials – also known as convenience vials or purse packs – with most solid dosage forms, including tablets, caplets, capsules, and gel caps. It then caps, labels and imprints the lot number and expiry date before completing the secondary packaging process of blistering and carding the vials.

The filling and capping of the vials takes place under the strictest quality standards in “designed to class 100,000” clean rooms, and the line further boasts an optical character recognition (OCR) vision system and weight checking station to ensure results that meet and exceed your expectations and requirements.

Convenience Vial Filling Highlights:

  • Filling with up to 30 tablets, caplets, capsules, or gel caps
  • Integrated capping with child-resistant closures
  • Convenience vial Labelling
  • Backer card and plastic blister application

Our range of equipment and duplicate assets allow us to fast-track changes, from a 28-SKU product line redesign in two months to a new sampling program in four weeks.

Packaging the Future of Healthcare
Jones Healthcare Group offers pharmaceutical and nutraceutical contract packaging solutions. Our facility in Brampton, Canada, is FDA approved, cGMP and ISO compliant, and Health Canada certified. With greater than 98% on-time and in-full delivery, we are primed for your next packaging project with ample available capacity, whether it is a test or a large commercial run.